Explore the Best Dining Experiences in Melbourne

I’m excited to announce that today’s post is brought to you by guest blogger Punam Deka over at TravelHeyDay, and features some great places to eat if you are visiting Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne, one of the most populous cities of Australia, is nested with various cultures from around the world. You can experience the mix of cultures of Melbourne in its cafes, a myriad of restaurants and bistros and whether you are in love with traditional, modern, homespun or exotic flavors, the city offers an eclectic dining scene for every taste and with a startling array of world’s best cuisines from the ever popular favorite dishes to the truly groundbreaking ones.

It is always amazing to dine out in this foodie town as it is a culinary hot spot offering a wide variety of food. The city has many places which offer the best dining for all kinds of taste buds. As Melbourne is considered a food lover’s paradise, there is no shortage of places around the city for eating. The lane ways and streets of Melbourne provide enough options for all taste and budgets which includes Italian regional cuisine, tempting Spanish tapas, French fine dining and many more. So in order to enjoy delicious food, just check into some of the popular restaurants of Melbourne.

Waterfront Port Melbourne:

Famous for its first class service and stylish decor, Waterfront Port Melbourne is one of the renowned restaurants of the city specializing in Japanese and seafood cuisine. It is located within Port Melbourne’s Station pier overlooking the water and it boasts five separate dining areas. It has a beautiful ocean view along with an outdoor table facility where you can enjoy a grand seafood platter.

San Telmo:

It is an exciting restaurant and bar mainly focusing on their Argentinian menu and has a huge space with hung cow hides and high ceilings. A meal at San Telmo restaurant is considered to be incomplete without tasting the Argentine national dessert, ‘dulce de leche’. The credit for the globetrotting flavor of San Telmo goes to its head chef Chris Moran who had previously worked as a sous chef at The Grand Hotel in Richmond. The restaurant has a beautiful interior and its entrance door has a great significance as it is bought from a wrecking yard of Melbourne after it was salvaged from a mansion in San Telmo. For enjoying a drink a hardwood bar is also present here which features a range of cocktails and other drinks.

Tiamo – Lygon Street, Carlton

It is a famous Italian area of Melbourne and serves as a home to many of the popular cafes and restaurants. With so many options it really becomes hard what to order here as Tiamo has a focus on varieties like pizzas, spaghetti marinara, risotto’s, pastas and many more. The bustling vibe of the restaurant gives you an Italian atmosphere and at the same time the prices are also reasonable here.

Loving Hut – Victoria Street, Richmond

While walking up and down the Victoria Street in Richmond you can find many restaurants and cafes offering Malaysian and Chinese food and among them the Loving Hut is a popular one where cheap and tasty food are available along with family friendly services. It is one of the best vegetarian restaurants of Melbourne and to enjoy a meal at Loving Hut, you can easily take a train to the North Richmond station from the city as Tram facilities are easily available along the Victoria Street.

Jimmi Janz, Elwood

For all the pizza lovers, you can check into Jimmi Janz restaurant where 20 varieties of pizzas are available at quite cheap rates. The pizzas here are made with fresh ingredients and are very much ideal for a light lunch, late dinner or with a glass of wine. So for starting your day with delicious breakfast or ending with light dinner, nothing can be a better place than Jimmi Janz.

Jimmi Janz also holds a bar where a range of palatable cleanskin wines which are sourced from NSW and the Victorian regions are available at affordable prices. A kid’s playground is also present here making it an ideal place for family eatery.

Brunetti – Lygon Street, Carlton

Brunetti is an important attraction of Lygon Street and is a home to award winning coffee, pasta, sweets, cakes and wood fired pizza, making it an ideal place to get indulge in an Italian style cafe. It serves 20,000 coffees per week and has been serving biscuits, icy gelatis, pastries and cakes since the year 1985. Apart from these things hot chocolates, excellent crepes and savory dishes are also available here. The pastries and cakes of Brunetti are famous for having great art work and are available on daily basis.

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About the author:

Punam Deka:  A passionate travel writer who loves to illustrate people a lot about the travel world and give them a chance to have a better knowledge about different destinations.

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