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The Top 10 Luxury Activities in Dubai (If You’re a Billionaire).

I’m pleased to announce another guest post on ArtTravelEatRepeat. Today’s guest post is brought to you by Sagar from and explores some of the top experiences in Dubai that most of us probably can’t afford. We can daydream though, right? I often talk about budget travel tips on this site, so it’s kind of fun to take a look at things from the other side once in a while and peek into a world where everything is experienced over the top. As for me…I’ll be lucky if I ever fly anything other than economy class and “splurging on a hotel” means staying somewhere other than somebody’s basement I found on Airbnb.

With that, I bring you the top 10 luxury activities to do in Dubai…if you can afford it (which I can’t).

Dubai is the rich and famous city in the UAE that the world’s celebrities from different domains visit to get drenched in luxury and comfort. Such is the opulence of the city that catching a glimpse of super cars rolling down the streets is quite common here. The most cherished and lavish possessions for others are treated like a toy in this oil-rich city of the Middle East. No wonder the rich and the super-rich of the world consider Dubai their playground since they can buy anything they have ever fantasized about. All of the most expensive, most luxurious, and most lavish things are available here. The city is a living example of the phrase “larger than life.” If you are a Billionaire and want to have a royal experience, then you must go for these 10 luxurious activities in Dubai.

Stay in the world’s only 7-star hotel – Burj Al-Arab.


Staying in a hotel that imitates the lifestyle of yesteryear’s kings and queens is an attainable dream for billionaires. The Burj Al-Arab is a billion dollar hotel that may not look like a palace but definitely has more amenities than what a royal residence of the past had. The hotel treats its guests as nothing less than royals. From offering a Rolls Royce with a chauffeur waiting for your command and complimentary edible goodies every time you step in or out, a stay in the hotel is truly bliss. Every room in this hotel has a study table with a gold-plated iPad. If you have ever dreamed about sleeping on a bed with a swing, then book the Royal Suite that has a revolving bed and 17 pillows each with a different style and comfort. You can also enjoy the exquisite majlis-style lounge, a personal library, a cinema room, two master bathrooms with colossal jacuzzis, and private five-head rain showers. There is a meeting room as well for meeting with your business partners. Everything in this hotel is so luxurious that you will feel it is ethereal.

Experience royalty with a 24-carat gold facial.


With plenty of gold, there is nothing wrong in saying that ‘everything that glitters is Dubai.’ The Emiratis are so fond of this shining metal that they use it in everything from rings to watches and even adorn their cell phones with gold plating. What if you could use this precious metal to uplift your beauty and dazzle everyone wherever you go? Yes! Having a gold facial in Dubai is possible if you are a billionaire. Just head to the Talise Ottoman Spa of the Zabeel Saray Hotel for 24-carat gold facial and indulge in one of the most expensive spa treatments in the world. The facial is done with a gold chain mail mask that is said to boost the growth of skin cells. You will also be treated like a royal with a bath in an Arabian gold hammam followed by a massage and a bath with milk and rose oil. As you are having the treatment, you will also be served champagne and caviar. The facial and massage will make you feel like the most beautiful woman or man in the world. All this beauty and royal treatment will cost you Dhs 25,000 (about $6800 USD).

Experience a luxurious desert safari.


If you are wondering how a desert safari can be luxurious, you will amend your thoughts once you experience it in Dubai. Just book a luxury desert safari and enjoy the wilderness of the city as if you are stepping out in the backyard of your home. You will ride in a high-class air-conditioned car from your hotel and capture all the scenic beauty of the city in your camera before reaching your destination. If you don’t want to take the road, you can reach the desert by helicopter as well. In the desert, you can go dune bashing, sand boarding, or on a camel ride. The tour operator can also arrange an Opera singer and a piano to entertain you. Having lunch on a beautifully laid out table with a shade for sun protection and live music is truly how billionaires would enjoy their day. When it’s time for the sun to go down, you can enjoy and capture the soul-touching view of the sunset. A Bedouin-style tent, minus air-conditioner, but with all the comforts of home will be waiting for you to take you in its lap and throw you into sleep if you have decided on overnight camping. And yes, before that you will enjoy something that will make your night and force you dream something beautiful. That thing is belly dancing, a dance move that was invented and mastered by the people of the Gulf.

Go on a private yacht cruise.


As a billionaire, you will want to enjoy privacy where there are no crowds and commotion. In that case, then rent a super yacht and go cruising. There are many companies out there that will rent yachts to people like you. Along with the yacht, you will have your own chef, captain, attendant, and plenty of amenities. You can flaunt your style and attitude by holding a party on the yacht for your close friends. There are yachts of all sizes available to rent depending on the number of people accompanying you on the cruise. Moreover, they are built with reception areas, pleasing dining rooms, and stylish cabins. Besides enjoying the party, the way you will get to look at the skyline of Dubai is something that will pull you back to this city. On your request, the captain will also take you deep into the sea where you can watch dolphins and other oceanic creatures.

You can enjoy this privacy either by direct booking or you can take a package from tour operators like Imonholidays, who offer it as a part of their itinerary, if requested.

Enjoy the world’s costliest horse race.


Dubai has the honor of hosting the world’s most expensive horse race that offers prize money of US $1 million. Every year, this sporting event is celebrated as the Dubai World Cup, which is held at the Meydan Racecourse. This event attracts the best riders, trainers, and horses from around the globe. Many high-profile people of the world witness this exciting action. You can book a pavilion tent and be the recipient of A-list-style treatment. You can also rub shoulders with the city’s most elite and prominent figures. There are other ways as well to enjoy the race. You can see it from the upper deck of a chartered yacht since the racecourse is by the marina. There is also an option to book a Presidential Suite at the nearby Meydan Hotel from where the view of the racetrack and the winning post is available. Further, you can also watch the race from the Meydan Rooftop that has a bar and an infinity pool.

Rent a super car and drive like a champion.


Only in Dubai you can see the police driving super cars of the likes of Bugatti Veyron, Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrids, and the Lamborghini Aventador. If you want to tour the city in style, you can rent any of these cars, including Ferraris and Maseratis. There are many locals who own these super cars and flaunt their taste and richness quite stylishly. You too can join them and show you also know to handle these beast machines. As Dubai has long straight roads, driving these cars will make you feel like you are winning the world championship of Formula One.

Have a bird’ eye view of the city in a hot air balloon ride.


Ever wondered how Dubai looks from the top? If so, then quench your imagination by going for a hot air balloon ride. From the top, you will see the beauty of Dubai from a different angle. You can enjoy the 360 degree view of the mass skyline of the city and the fascinating dunes. Everything from the top will make you feel the world is so beautiful from here. As the balloon soars over the sweeping landscape of the desert, you can videotape as well take photographs while standing safely on the airborne platform.

Dine at the top of the world.


Dubai has some of the finest dining spots in the world that serve exotic dishes. But there is nothing like dining in the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa. This is the building nobody misses out when on a Dubai trip. Just imagine relishing the tastiest food at the height of 1,400 feet and feeling as if dining at the top of the world where everything is dwarfed when looking down at the city. Just reserve a table at At.mosphere on the 122nd floor of the building. This restaurant offers not just the best food, but views as well that no amount of money can buy. Be there before the sunset to take in the view of Dubai’s skyline.

Enjoy the world’s most expensive ice cream.


While the cost of the tastiest ice cream in the world will never go above a few dollars, in Dubai, you will have to pay a hefty amount for some ice cream. Not just any ice cream, but 23-carat ice cream. An ice cream parlor on the Jumeirah Beach Road charges a whooping AED 3000 ($816 USD) for a scoop. What makes this ice cream so pricey are the ingredients that have an unbelievable and unimaginable taste. You will enjoy the taste of Madagascan vanilla blended with finest strands of saffron from Iran, and slices of Italian black truffle. That is just the icing on the cake, as it is garnished with 23-carat gold leaf. Also, since the item is so special, it has to be served in style on a Versace dish.

Rewrite your fashion statement.


Nothing beats Dubai when it comes to splurging. Besides the luxury desert safari Dubai, the costliest food, hotel rooms, supercars, and personalized comfort, the city also excels in fashion. The city has all the best designer outlets and charming boutiques that are stocked with the best clothing for both genders made by the best names in the world in the fashion industry. It will take more than a week to visit all the shopping malls in Dubai. If you are looking for an upscale shopping experience, then visit Dubai Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, Wafi Mall, or the Mall of the Emirates. Consult a fashion adviser and customize an outfit that goes with your style and attitude. You can have your attire designed in sync with the current trends or create your own fashion statement by opting for something new and unique.

There are other activities in Dubai to indulge in besides these ten if you are a billionaire. Things such as golfing at the Emirates Gold Club, a polo match at Desert Palm Resort and booking the entire indoor ski resort. To experience all these, contact a professional tour operator and dictate what luxury and comfort means for you, and see everything done as per your desires.

Sagar is a foodie by heart who also loves to explore places on his own. He wants to convert his hobbies into a profession and aspires to open his own travel website along with a Chinese restaurant.


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