The Unique Landscape of Bryce Canyon, Utah

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. Never in my life have I seen a more unique, incredibly strange landscape. When you visit Bryce Canyon, you enter the park by car and drive up a road with various places to pull over.


We decided to pull over where a small trail led to a view of the canyon. I had seen photos of it before, but truly nothing can prepare you for that moment of awe when you catch your first glimpse of this truly unique place in the world.


These photos really don’t even do it justice, but I can attempt to instill in you the beauty of this place with photos and words. There really is nothing like seeing it for yourself.


Late winter is a wonderful time to visit, as the white of the snow contrasts spectacularly with the vibrant oranges of the hoodoos in a surreal and magical way.


There is a great trail where one can hike down into the canyon as well, and around every corner lies surprising delights. A word of warning: the elevation at Bryce Canyon is quite high, so the hike can be a little tiring for those of us who have elevation issues, but if you are reasonably fit, it’s definitely do-able. I highly encourage it.


While visiting Bryce, make sure to stop at all the lookout points and try a few hikes. There are more delights to be seen!

Have you ever been to Bryce Canyon? What did you think?

Landscape, Hike.


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    • Hi Kelly, I’ve only visited in Winter, which was spectacular. Late Winter was nice since it was starting to warm up a bit but still had beautiful lingering snow. The elevation at Bryce Canyon was pretty high, so I would imagine summer temperatures wouldn’t be too bad, and you wouldn’t have to worry about icy road conditions.

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