Japan is in my Future

One of the places I’ve always wanted to go is Japan. I’ve always known that someday, the land of the rising sun would be in my future. What can I say about a place I love so much and yet I’ve never been to? There is just something about Japan. The beauty of the place, the food, the culture, the landscapes. The way the Japanese have a way of turning simple things into the highest of art forms. It has always mystified me and drawn me in. For as long as I can remember, it has been a dream of mine to visit Japan.

I am happy to report that I am currently working on making that dream a reality. I’m in the saving phase so I’m not sure when exactly my trip will happen, but I’m guessing sometime around this time next year. Sure, it’s a long way away, but I have other, smaller adventures planned in the interim to get me through. Meanwhile, I know that my wonderful trip to Japan is waiting for me in the not so distant future.

Have you ever been to Japan? What kinds of tips would you have for a first time visitor? Is there something I simply cannot miss? What did you love the most about your time there?

I’m coming for you, Japan!



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