Edinburgh, Scotland is a Magical Place

Sometimes I find myself daydreaming about past adventures I have had. I still vividly remember the feeling of the first time I walked the streets of Edinburgh.


It was a misty, cool afternoon. A fog cast an eerie feel to the medieval streets. In the distance, the faint sounds of a bagpiper performing on a street corner somewhere echoed hauntingly throughout the city streets. There was something enchanting and otherworldly about Edinburgh…about Scotland in general.


Sometimes I imagine myself back there…walking the streets of Edinburgh once more. I see myself on the impossibly beautiful and eerie Royal Mile. I stop in to the White Hart Inn, Edinburgh’s oldest pub (dating back to 1516), for something warm to drink on a cool, misty afternoon. I spend the afternoon watching passers-by near the foot of the Scott Monument, and wandering through the impossibly beautiful old cemeteries.


I could stay there forever, soaking in the beauty and the history and the eerie yet peaceful feeling one gets when there.


If you’ve never been to Scotland, I recommend it highly. It will haunt you….in a good way.



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