Food and Travel

For some people, traveling is about seeing the sights. For me, traveling is about the food. Don’t get me wrong. I love seeing the sights and exploring. I get as excited about long hikes and seeing famous landmarks as the next person. However, I get just as excited (if not more so) about trying new foods. Anybody who knows me will tell you that food is a very big part of my life. I love looking at food, thinking about food, cooking food, and, of course, eating food.


Amazing oysters I ate in Nashville


Pizza in Italy

When I travel to a new destination, I just can’t wait to discover what that destination has to offer in terms of culinary delights. Each city has their own unique offerings that aren’t available anywhere else. Each country has their national specialties and regional dishes. For me, one of the best parts of travel is diving in and sampling all the delicious things my destination has to offer.


The Australian sampler, with crocodile, emu, kangaroo, and baramundi

When I traveled to Hawaii, I had fresh, local seafood and tropical fruit. When I traveled to the South, I had scrumptious barbecue and fried catfish. In Italy, I ate pasta. In England, I had fish and chips and steak and ale pie. The list goes on.


This meal in Katoomba, New South Wales was awesome.

To me, discovering local food is the best way to really get to know a place. What do the locals like to eat? What is this region known for? What is really special and unique about the food of this area?

I always find it amazing when I see people travel to a new place and look for the same foods they eat at home. Where is the adventure in that? Where is the joy of discovery?

A salad in Sydney, Australia

Have you had a truly memorable meal on a trip somewhere? What was it?

Daily Post: Dinnertime


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