It’s OK to Take Cheesy Travel Photos

One thing I often notice in the travel blogging community is a certain distaste for being a “tourist”. I wrote all my thoughts on that in another blog post. I say, travel is about having a good time, enjoying your life, and experiencing something new, so if it makes you happy, go for it, even if it’s “been done”. One thing I often see referenced is how it’s uncool to take cheesy tourist photos. I say who cares if it’s cool or not? If you enjoy it, you should do it! Those who know me well will tell you that I’m the queen of taking ridiculous photos, so I would like to share a few of mine with you.

Now, get out there. Go somewhere awesome. Take a funny photo while you’re there. Do it! 10 years from now you’ll look back on it and smile, and that’s priceless.


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  1. I’ve got some similar cheesy photos, though they are often entirely accidental – like fountains that look like they were sprouting out of a person’s head, or a post that looks like it is heading into someone’s ear.


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