Visiting the World Famous Sydney Opera House

You’re not going to want to take a trip to Sydney, Australia without visiting their world famous opera house. It’s an absolutely stunning iconic building that everybody should see at least once in their lifetime.


Here I am, checking out the opera house at night.

There are two ways to get an inside look at the opera house. The first way is to book a ticket for one of the many performances taking place there. The second way is to book a guided tour. I did both, and I highly recommend you do the same.


Usually, I’m against guided tours. If I have the opportunity to explore somewhere on my own without a guide shuffling me around and pointing out things I should find interesting, that’s the way I’ll go. On this occasion, I booked the tour since it was the best way to get inside and see parts of the opera house I wouldn’t otherwise be able to see. I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation for the fact that this was the case, as I ended up having a great time and actually learning quite a bit to boot.


The tour takes you all around the opera house and into the different performance areas. The docent did a great job telling us all about the different stages of the opera house as well as the history of the building itself. I saw a lot and learned a lot that I would not have ever seen or known had I decided to just look at the building from the outside. Highly recommended.


It was during the tour itself that we decided we should probably catch an actual performance. The main auditorium was such a beautiful room, and as the docent had explained it was designed specifically to amplify sound beautifully, we wanted to experience that. We booked a performance of Bach that fit our schedule. My husband was a little bummed because had we been able to go a few days later we could have seen a performance of Holst: The Planets instead, but what can you do?


The inside of the main performance hall.


This was the most dressed up I was able to get with what I had packed.

It was a fun and very different experience from the tour to get all dressed up in the nicest clothes we had packed and head off to the opera at night. The performance itself, while a little long, did have spectacular sound, although I recommend you try to find a more entertaining performance to catch if you’re there as Bach, in my opinion, was a little boring after a while (no offence to all the Bach fans out there). Still, it was well worth the money to experience a live performance inside of the Sydney Opera House. If I’m able to make it back there someday, I can’t wait to do it again.


Next time you’re in Sydney, make sure to take some time to really explore the opera house. The tour is highly recommended, and definitely try to catch a show if you can. You won’t be disappointed.





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