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Uncovering the most adventurous things-to-do in Rio

As the Olympics in Rio are currently going on, it’s only fitting we have a post about Rio. Today’s post is brought to you by guest blogger Janice Cook from She has written about some awesome adventurous activities to enjoy while visiting Rio. Enjoy the post, and check out her site at

Breathtaking sunsets at the Copacabana Beach, music jams around Lapa, Samba till dawn, the lush Sugarloaf Mountain and spectacular football matches; that my dear friend is Rio De Janeiro for you. Rio offers a plethora of astounding places and thrilling activities to arrest any traveler. Whether you are a nature lover or a thrill seeker, Rio is the place for you. Amidst a perfect cinematic backdrop you will find some really adventurous activities to pump up the adrenaline. Today we have uncovered some of the most fun and exciting outdoor activities offered by this seaside beauty. Dig in to make your trip to Rio a once in a lifetime experience.

3640359022_8ea6bf2e54_bImage Source

Water Sports

water-sports-820618_960_720Image Source

This tropical paradise hosts a plenty of shimmery beaches with tiny islands lying scattered along the seafront. As a result we get a chance to exploit a wide range of water sports from Hawaiian canoeing at the Vermelha beach, near Sugar Loaf Mountain to stand up paddle surfing in the Canal de Marapendi, a clear water lagoon in Barra da Tijuca neighborhood. You can also try Kayaking at the Urca beach or scuba diving in a little fishing village known as Arraial Do Cabo. Add any of these water sports to your Rio De Janerio vacation planner and you have the recipe for a perfect summer holiday.

Air Activities

rio-de-janeiro-1534124_1280Image Source

Experience the world’s most stunning urban landscape, high up from the sky and soak in the beauty of lushly forested mountains fringing the city while hang gliding or parachuting in Rio. Apart from the thrill you experience during your aerial adventure, you get to see the most spectacular view of Rio. What could be better than experiencing the captivating beauty of this amazing city, nestled against the backdrop of Sugarloaf Mountains that rise from the Guanabara Bay?

Land Adventures

1346921523_2095436042Image Source

There is no shortage of land adventures as well in Rio. You can go hiking in the sprawling Tijuca rainforest and get to experience the most stunning view of the newest wonder of the world- Christ the Redeemer statue. The biking trails around the Flamengo Park also offer plenty of picture perfect views to relish in. Apart from that Rio also boasts of the best rock climbing adventures as well. The world famous rock formations of Corcovado, Dois Irmãos and Pão de Açucar present extraordinary climbing experiences for thrill seekers with spell-bounding city backdrops.

Random out-of-the-box activities to try

Samba_school_parades_2004Image Source  

Revel in the infectious party scene of Rio at weekend samba parties or the boat parties at the bay. The celebratory spirit of Rio is unmatched with dozens of live-music halls, street parties and all-night parades. Don’t forget to savor the rich and hearty cuisine of Rio while you dance off to oblivion.

Rio’s seaside beauty fueled by its rich culture and lifestyle has long seduced visitors. The city is a perfect place to unwind and relax during your next summer vacations and now you have the added bonus of knowing the not-to-be-missed things offered by Rio.

This article was written by Janice Cook at



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