A Few Days in Brussels, Belgium

This reference might be going a little far back, but have you ever seen that episode of The Simpsons when Homer daydreams about the land of chocolate? Allow me to show you:

This is what Brussels was like for me. If you’re not already aware, Belgian chocolate is good. Really good. Being a self-proclaimed chocoholic, this was an exciting time for me. Much like Homer, I was in the land of chocolate, and I acted like it. I skipped down the street and went into every chocolate shop I encountered, sampling delightful truffles in every shop with my husband trailing behind me wondering when we were going to stop looking at chocolate shops and start doing something else…anything else.


Brussels, of course, is so much more than the land of chocolate. It is a beautiful, vibrant European city that is full of history, art, and culture. It has world class museums, non-chocolate culinary delights, and incredible architecture. It is one of the great must-see destinations in Europe; a large city with small town charm.


When I wasn’t stuffing my face with as much chocolate as I was able, I spent my time in Brussels exploring the city on foot, perusing museums and art galleries, and generally enjoying the delights the city has to offer.


Memorable non-chocolate consumables included their famous Belgian waffles topped with powdered sugar and freshly sliced strawberries as well as Lambic, which is a sort of wine-beer combination, usually with a fruity flavor such as cherry. It’s refreshing and delicious!

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from

Ok…so I’m motivated mostly by my stomach. We’ve discussed this before in this blog. But if you’re into desserts, you really should visit Belgium. They do desserts well.


Oh, and when it was time to fly home, I’ll admit I bought several boxes of chocolate to take home as “gifts”. I may or may not have ended up eating all that chocolate during the flight home. I regret nothing.



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