Wanderlust Wednesday: Antarctica

It’s Wanderlust Wednesday and I’m dreaming of the remote, forbidding continent of Antarctica.

It has long been one of my dreams in life to visit all 7 continents so of course at some point in my life, I plan to visit Antarctica. As Antarctica is the most remote, inhospitable continent on the planet, it’s also the most difficult to travel to. That being said, there are options for those who would like to go there.

Go as a tourist

Probably the most pleasant, and most common way to get to Antarctica is to do so as a tourist. Most commonly, this means traveling there on a cruise ship. Although the trips vary in length, they are usually anywhere from 10 days to a few weeks long and leave from Chile, Argentina, or the Falkland Islands. It’s not going to be cheap, however. Prices can range anywhere from $4500 per person to over $16000 per person for some of the longer trips. You’ll also have your choice between larger and smaller cruise ships. While the larger ships are more comfortable and handle the rough seas better, you’ll have less time on shore than when you choose a smaller ship.

Get a job in Antarctica

This is something I have thought about looking into at some point in my life. There are job opportunities in Antarctica. Most of those opportunities are for scientists, which I unfortunately am not. However, there are also jobs for support staff and assistants to scientists. Someday I would like to look into this. There are several nations who offer opportunities in Antarctica, but since I’m from the U.S. I’m going to focus on job opportunities that might apply to me someday (selfish, I know). If you aren’t an American, you can find out about job opportunities for people of your nationality with a simple Google search. Maybe I’ll see you there 🙂

Americans can look for opportunities here:, and you can also find a lot of helpful information on this site.

(Update: If you haven’t read my interview with Janae, who actually works in Antarctica, I highly suggest you check out this post)

But enough about the logistics. Let’s take a moment to gaze at the wonders of Antarctica for a moment…

Have you ever been to Antarctica? If so, please tell me all about it! Any tips for those of us who would like to go?


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  1. I would love to go to Antarctica!! It’s number one on my travel list. Very expensive though, as you say. Good idea to get a job there, I will look into that too!:)


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