Mellow. (Kauai, 2010)

This post is part of a series where I’m incorporating old travel journal entries into this blog. This part of the series is from my 2010 trip to Kauai. I hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned for more tales of our adventures! Didn’t catch the first post in this series? Start from the beginning!


As Norwood and I were quite exhausted from our incredible adventure along the Kalalau trail yesterday, today was an extremely mellow day. We woke up a bit later than usual and slowly got ready for the day. We started off with a nice, easy breakfast of coffee (Kauai Coffee Company Medium Roast), pineapple, and bagels with cream cheese, courtesy of our toaster oven. We didn’t actually end up getting out of the house until almost 1pm because of all the relaxing we were doing (though we did go on a search for Fred the gecko around our yard and found Fred and his cousin Larry too). After heading out of the house, we headed off to Koloa for some lunch. It was pizza again because Norwood is really stoked on pizza on this trip for some reason. We split a medium pineapple and tomato pizza and it was delicious. It was mellow and relaxing at the restaurant and we were sitting out in a beautiful garden area, so we decided to sketch a bit while we were waiting for our food. I drew some of the plants in the garden and Norwood drew a hula girl. The tourists at the table next to us just sat and stared at our drawings the whole time, and our server was pretty excited about them too. My drawing really wasn’t that exciting…it was just a couple palm trees and some leafy plants sketched very quickly, but you would have thought I was Da Vinci.


Anyway, lunch was good. After lunch it was off to Poipu Beach for some relaxation. When we got there, the beach was crowded with tourists (as Poipu always is) and there was a sea turtle in the water. People kept getting way too close to it and the lifeguard kept telling them to back away, but people don’t really listen. He must have announced it over his bullhorn about 50 times at least. It made me think about the other day when we were on the North shore and snorkeled with the sea turtles. Of course, we didn’t bother them when we were snorkeling, but you can never be too trustful of a beach full of 200 tourists. There’s always some jerk who messes with them to ruin it for everybody.
There was also a Monk Seal resting on the beach, and it was super cute.

I chose to go for a little swim in the cove. The water was crystal clear and I didn’t even need my snorkel gear to see the fish swimming around me. Beautiful! Norwood chose to actually snorkel around the reef, and enjoyed himself quite a bit.


After I swam, I spent a bit of time just hanging out on the beach and resting, tourist watching, and sketching a little. I did end up getting slightly sunburned, but thankfully my skin seems to handle sunburns well, and they quickly turn into tans. I should be fine by tomorrow or the day after, it’s not that bad of a burn.

We cruised around a bit and stopped at the Kauai Coffee Company for some coffee sampling. We liked quite a few of the flavors, but decided on just ordering some online when we get home because it would be a lot to pack in our bags, and we still have some coffee for morning use on the rest of our trip.

After that, we explored a bit more of the Southeast side of the island by car, stopped at the Meneheune Fish Pond, and cruised around the Nawiliwili area before heading to the Safeway in Kapaa for some supplies for dinner.


After we got home, we cooked up some Teriyaki Gardenburgers with fresh pineapple, tomatoes, and lettuce, accompanied by salad with Papaya Wasabi Dressing and Mustard Potato Salad. YUM! I made it and it was soooooo good. I might just have to start making that at home too, so my dinners can remind me of Hawaii.

Now we’re just resting and getting ready to watch some more Harry Potter on TV before we turn in for the night. They have been showing all the Harry Potter movies on TV while we’ve been here, hahaha….so every night we’ve watched it after coming home for the night.

Tomorrow will hold more adventures for us, I’m excited!!!

Didn’t catch the first post in this series? Start from the beginning!

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