A day of relaxation (Kauai, 2010)

This post is part of a series where I’m incorporating old travel journal entries into this blog. This part of the series is from my 2010 trip to Kauai. I hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned for more tales of our adventures! Didn’t catch the first post in this series? Start from the beginning!

34541_455148901717_7832041_nToday was a wonderful, mellow day. We headed down to Poipu Beach for a little bit of rest and relaxation. After finding ourselves a nice, sunny, sandy place on the beach to plop down, we took a quick dip in the beautiful, mild waters of the South shore. 2 sea turtles were swimming near the shore, so we took some time to watch them for a little while as they ate the kelp that grew near shore. An endangered monk seal was resting on the beach, and I met a lady who works with the conservation efforts for the seals. She told me there are only about 1100 of them left in the world. Most of them live in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (which are uninhabited), and only a little more than 100 live in the main Hawaiian islands. While they have had successes growing the population in the main islands, the other seals that live in the Northwestern region have a declining population due to being eaten by sharks. They are working on ways to help save the seals in those areas.
I spent some time hanging out on the beach and soaking up the sun while Norwood went out and snorkeled a bit. It was so nice on the beach that we just stayed there pretty much all day, relaxing and enjoying the day. It rained occasionally, but never for more than a minute or two at a time, and never very hard. It would always end up sunny and warm again. That’s Kauai weather.
After a relaxing majority of the day, we headed over across the street to a cute little restaurant where we had a couple of tropical smoothies, a salad with mango dressing, and some nachos. Next we headed up the coast and stopped at a few open air markets to browse before taking a nice drive up to the North shore and back while enjoying the sunset.

Before heading home, we hit up the ABC Market for a bit of shopping for random stuff.

Didn’t catch the first post in this series? Start from the beginning!

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