Old Travel Series: First Time in Europe, Part 1

This post is part of a series where I’m incorporating old travel journal entries into this blog. This part of the series is from my first ever trip to Europe, when I visited the Netherlands, Belgium, and France with a group from my college. This is transcribed from the original hand-written journal I kept during that trip while I was still just a wee college student. I hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned for more tales of our adventures!

June 2nd, 2005 – LAX AirportIMG_0604

I’m sitting here the the LAX terminal of joy waiting for the plane. I had a bit of a rough start this morning. Norwood and I are both nervous and edgy because of the upcoming trip. He’s been teasing me since last night and I snapped at him in the terminal not too long ago. All is well and resolved though, so I should move on.

The lady sitting across the way from us is reading a book with a lacy doily book cover on it. I imagine that she’s trying to hide the book she’s reading from the public. It must be a sexy novel or something; basically a porn book. Why else would she be ashamed of it? Right now she’s reading about how Hank the plumber is ready to clean her pipes or how the UPS guy has a huge package for her.

Le sigh, I’m bored and desperately trying to entertain myself at the moment. Can you tell?

There are old people talking loudly about wind chimes nearby. Loud old people are funny. Well, I’ve got to go use the restroom so I’m off…for now.

On the Plane

Well, I’m on the plane…I managed to finagle my way over all the way from the other side of the plane so now I get to sit next to Norwood. Katy is on the other side of me. I like this plane. It’s got TV’s on all the seats and video games and also it has a pillow and blanket included with my seat. There’s a pair of blinders in the pouch in front of me, which I fully plan on taking along with me. We’re on Air France, by the way. Everything on this plane is written in French, including the magazine they provided for us. It’s a pretty large plane, a Boring 777-200er, as the pamphlet says.

Yay! The plane is backing up! We get to start moving soon. The lady is speaking over the loud speaker in French to us. It’s such a pretty language. Well, it’s pretty much time to take off now. I’m excited, yet nervous, because taking off always makes me pretty antsy. More later.


Wow, I’ve been on this plane forever. There’s a little screen in front of everyone’s seat (as I mentioned earlier) that has movies, games, etc…but my favorite feature is the one that tells you where you are in your journey. It has a little world map with a picture of a plane flying along the route. We’re currently somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean just South of Greenland. for some reason, that excites me because I’ve always had a strange fascination with Greenland. I don’t know why. It’s not like it’s known for being the most exciting travel destination on Earth, but I’m just strange in that way. I’d like to go to Greenland someday. Anyway, on to other things…the flight attendants here are all French. they have lovely accents. One of them was teaching Katy and I a few words of French. It’s a language I really would like to learn. My favorite of the flight attendants is Jean-Luc, however. He’s this hilarious French guy who flirts with all the women in a way that is so stereotypically French and it’s delightful.

Well, not much else is happening that’s worth writing about right now, so there will be more later.

Even Later…

We’re so close! The little map thing on the screen is showing Europe now and it says there are about 2 hours left on the flight. Squeal! It’s -50 degrees fahrenheit outside right now and we’re moving at 575 miles per hour. That’s really all I have to write about right now, because other than that I’ve just been sitting on a plane, which isn’t really all that exciting, but I still wanted to share that tidbit of information. I wonder when they are serving breakfast…

…It looks like we’ll be having breakfast over Ireland! They are serving it now and we’re over the West side of the country right now as I write. We just looked down and saw it and then Katy and I got all giddy and got the attention of Bill Havlicek (our professor), who looked amused. Right now we are somewhere over an Irish town called Clomanchols. I wish I had a piece of the Blarney Stone so I could kiss it right now!


…Breakfast was tasty. We had baguette, croissant, turkey, swiss, lettuce, tomato (which I made into a sandwich) and a La Creme peach yogurt, English Breakfast tea, orange juice, and mixed fruit. And now…we’re over ENGLAND!!! We’re flying right over Plymouth, where my friend Ben lives…I’ll have to tell him I flew over him when I get back home and have the internet again. I tried to see England out the window but there are too many clouds…but there’s less than an hour until we land in PARIS!!!


In-Flight Observations

  • It’s funny when we open the window, because Katy always gets excited about what she sees 🙂
  • Outside temperature is -47 degrees celsius!!!!
  • We’re having breakfast in (over) Ireland!!!
  • This was the dinner menu from our flight (pictured). Norwood, Katy, and I all had the chicken, which was good…but it leaves me wondering about the salmon, which I heavily considered. Naturally, I stayed away from the prosciutto since I don’t like it, but I made up for it by eating extra cheese (brie!) and baguettes. All in all, I’d have to say this is the best airplane meal I’ve ever had.


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