Old Travel Series: Arrival in the Netherlands (Europe Part 2)

This post is part of a series where I’m incorporating old travel journal entries into this blog. This part of the series is from my first ever trip to Europe, when I visited the Netherlands, Belgium, and France with a group from my college. This is transcribed from the original hand-written journal I kept during that trip while I was still just a wee college student. I hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned for more tales of our adventures!

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IMG_0608So…you’re probably asking yourself what’s up with the postcard of the guy getting sand poured over his head. Well, I’ll tell you…

I last wrote when I was excited and giddy on the plane and about to land in Paris. After that, things took a turn for the worse on our journey. Due to the fact that LAX delayed us so much when we were trying to leave, we nearly missed our connecting flight to Amsterdam. this lady who worked for Air France literally ran us through the airport as we struggled to keep up with her and led us to our gate where we got on the plane and they immediately took off. The plane was a bit jerky due to turbulence, which scared me a bit. I’m always nervous on planes that have turbulence. It was a fast flight though. We touched down a mere 45 minutes later, thinking that our journey had nearly come to an end and we could finally relax, only to discover that more than half our group was missing their luggage. We found out later it had been left behind in Paris and they were sending it on the next flight. Ugh. (I didn’t lose my luggage, but Norwood did).

 As if that wasn’t enough, all that delay over the luggage caused us to miss our bus to Haarlem. We got another bus to come back for us, by which time we had lost some of the group who went off to look around the Amsterdam airport. Finding them caused even MORE delay.
We FINALLY got on the bus to Haarlem and it ended up being a really scary bus ride. I think the driver was drunk or something. His speech was slightly slurred and he was driving all over the road, cutting off cars left and right and not staying in his lane at all.We almost got into an accident as well. The bus driver tried to cross the street when cars were quickly coming and we were inches away from colliding head on with a little car. Then the bus got STUCK and couldn’t cross this one bridge, so we had to get out and walk the rest of the way.

Truth be told, I was kind of happy to be off that crappy bus though.

We got to our hotel room…it’s teeny tiny, but the beds are really comfortable and I’d say Norwood and I got a much better room than some of the others in our group because we even have a really awesome view of the town square, a statue, and a BEAUTIFUL church. Norwood and I took showers and a nap, woke up groggy, and then met the group downstairs in the hotel restaurant for dinner.

Then we came back up to the room and pretty much just went to sleep ASAP. Norwood’s already out cold and I’ll be joining him very soon. The only problem is they gave us down pillows and Norwood is allergic to down so neither of us get pillows. We’re using towels and rolled up sweatshirts instead. Sigh.

I’m so tired I don’t really care though. Good night!

Didn’t catch the first post in this series? Start from the beginning!

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