Central America

Wanderlust Wednesday: Costa Rica

It’s another Wanderlust Wednesday and I’m going to help you get through your hump day with a lovely little journey to Costa Rica.

I haven’t yet been to Costa Rica, but it’s extremely high on my list of places to go, and with travel prices from the continental United States not being too high, I honestly don’t really know what my excuse is for not having been there yet. You can be assured I will be changing that fact in the near future.

Costa Rica has coastlines along both the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. There are awesome cultural destinations to visit while there, but  Costa Rica is best known for its beaches, volcanoes and incredible biodiversity. Most of the country is made up of jungle, which is protected.

Costa Rica is also an awesome place to see wildlife such as spider monkeys, sloths (my favorite!) and incredible birds.

Whether you’re into adventure, ecotourism, nature, culture, or relaxation, Costa Rica has something for everyone.

Have you been to Costa Rica? What was your favorite thing about the country? Do you have any tips for first time visitors?


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  1. The Ticos (the Costa Ricans themselves) above all, then the coffee, then the food (“Gallo pinto” beans and rice, with eggs and fresh fruit every morning) then the wildlife including the sloths! (“Los perezosos” are also my personal favorites; saw many on my two visits.) You will be very happy if you venture just to the Manuel Antonio/Quepos area but if you can add Guanacaste that will be even better. 🙂


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