They Say Venice is Sinking…

They say Venice is sinking. The most beautiful, charming, incredible city I’ve ever had the pleasure of feasting my eyes upon is sinking. Sure, they have the best minds in Engineering working on the problem, but the fact remains that Venice is still sinking.


This means that someday, people will no longer get to meander throughout the beautiful city streets as I did. They will not be able to get lost in the ancient winding pathways or chase pigeons in San Marcos Square as I did. They will not be able to form fond memories of conversations with charming Venetian shopkeepers and delightfully long dinners under the Italian night sky as I did.


It pains me that someday, some future generation will not be able to experience Venice the way I did, as it is something I believe everybody should experience. For posterity, we should do all we can to preserve the city, and if we can’t do that, we should preserve the memories of it so we can show the photos to future generations and tell them about the magnificent city that once was.

Daily Post: For Posterity


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  1. Our world is shifting and moving. It is a slow process. Sad to think we could see a city like Venice flooded, but it is already partly covered in water.


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