Wanderlust Wednesday: New Zealand

It’s Wanderlust Wednesday again, and today we’re transported to the South Pacific nation of New Zealand. This destination has long been high on my list of places to see (I’ll get there someday, I will!).

New Zealand is an outdoor lover’s paradise. If you’re into any kind of outdoor sports from hiking to kayaking, zip lining, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, or bungee jumping, this place is for you.

On the other hand, if you’re into exciting city life, Auckland is a great place to explore.

Auckland Skyline as seen from Devonport

Not to mention all the fabulous wines that come from New Zealand!

Don’t miss Wellington…

…or Milford Sound…

In fact, you’ll probably want to make sure you have enough time on your trip through New Zealand to just explore it all, because it all looks amazing.

Have you ever been to New Zealand? What are your top tips for somebody who is visiting for the first time?


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  1. Hey! Born and bred Kiwi right here. Thanks for posting about NZ. One thing many tourists don’t realise when they come to NZ is the amount of time you need to get around and see everything. If you were to tour the South Island by car you would need an absolute minimum of two weeks. And that’s not really allowing time for hiking/outdoor pursuits. A lot of the roads in the South are old and windy. The weather is unpredictable. It’s fun, but you need to be flexible!

    I would definitely suggest booking a hike on one of The Great Walks – you’ll need to book well in advance. The tracks are well maintained and the Rangers are really helpful.

    If you ever need restaurant/bar recommendations for Auckland or Wellington, feel free to get in touch!


    • Thanks so much for the information! It’s always great to get a local’s perspective. And I just might have to take you up on those restaurant recommendations when I finally make it to your part of the world 🙂


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