Waking up in a new place.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of waking up in a new place. It is a time so full of possibilities, where anything is possible and the world is at it’s most perfect.


The balcony of my little Airbnb in Kauai provided me with the perfect place to relax and adjust to island time.

It is exciting to arrive in a new city, for sure. The descent of the plane into a brand new land brings out a feeling of excitement in me that I seldom feel at other times. That being said, it is when I wake up in the morning on my first full day in a new place that truly feels magical. Due to time zones and jet lag, I’m often up in time to see the sunrise, which is something I basically never see at home.


The view of Grote Kerk Cathedral from my hotel window in Haarlem, Netherlands.

The world is a quieter, more welcoming place. I look out the window and see a beautiful sunrise over an entirely new place. It’s pure joy. It is at this moment that I have gotten rested and refreshed, and yet my entire adventure is still ahead of me that all feels right with the world. I take a moment to just sit in the window or on the balcony, if I have one, and just enjoy the moment in time. I sip coffee, slowly, and listen to the sounds of where I am. It might be birds chirping or it might be car horns honking, but whatever it is, it is an entirely unique sound to where I am. My husband has an uncanny ability to sleep in whenever we arrive somewhere new, so this is usually a solitary activity, and something I deeply cherish.

What is your favorite thing about waking up in a new place?


Mornings in our beautiful cabin in Southern Utah.

Daily Post: Morning.


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