Pacific Northwest Adventure, Day 2: Playing Tourists in Seattle

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After a really fun night catching up with my friend and college roommate and making some new friends at the Schilling Cider luau party, we headed back to our little Airbnb to get some rest. By the way, if you’re in Seattle and you like cider, Schilling is a pretty cool place. Fun atmosphere, TONS of really unique and interesting ciders on tap. Go there!

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Cider Luau!

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We were pretty exhausted from the lack of sleep so it felt great to crawl into bed and get a solid night of sleep. In the morning, we enjoyed a homemade breakfast from some things we had picked up at the store the night before and drank tea on our really peaceful little deck. No coffee because the store we went to was one of those really expensive grocery stores so we bought as little as possible with the plan to hit up the Trader Joe’s down the street sometime today (I can’t wait to buy a big container of coffee). I was still a little tired this morning but feeling much better and ready to go out on a second day of Seattle adventuring. Since neither of us has really spent any time in Seattle before, we of course had to play tourists for the day.

The day started off with us venturing out in the car to the downtown area. We figured we would start with the famous Pike Place Market, because Norwood really wanted to go there and I really wanted to go to Beecher’s (they make cheese) which is also there, so it seemed like a logical place to begin.

Seattle 1

I’ve got to say, driving in this city is pretty crazy. The roads are narrow and go in all sorts of different directions, so it was quite an adventure in and of itself getting into downtown and finding a place to park. (I grew up in Los Angeles, so for me to say a place has crazy roads and traffic is really syaing something.) All parking structures here seem to be really tight, with tiny parking spaces, so that’s fun, but we found a spot in a garage near Pike Place Market and set out on foot from there.

Seattle 1

Upon arrival at Pike Place, it’s clear that this is the major tourist area of the city. There were people EVERYWHERE! Still, it’s an iconic spot and it was fun to see and walk around a little bit. We saw the fish throwers, the people hawking their various wares, the absurdly long line of people waiting to get a coffee at the “original” Starbucks (even though there’s another Starbucks with no line about a block away, not to mention a lot of really good independent coffee shops), and I got to complete my pilgrimage to Beechers, where I sampled cheese, watched cheese being made, and purchased GF macaroni and cheese and also a block of cheese…because cheese.

After exploring Pike Place Market, we descended down a comically large number of stairs in an attempt to reach the waterfront. I complained at Norwood about how I wasn’t looking forward to having to come back up these stairs, and he kept muttering about how it was “good exercise” and descending further. Still, I did want to reach the waterfront so I followed him.

Have I mentioned it’s scorching hot in Seattle right now? I mean, I know it’s summertime and everything, but seeing as though I live in San Diego, California in the middle of a desert that has been seeing a heat wave for the past two months, I was looking forward to a little relief from laying around in my apartment, sweating, and praying for November to get here sooner. According to the locals, it has been a little chilly up until this week and they all seem really happy that we “brought the San Diego weather with us,” but personally I wouldn’t mind a little reprieve from the sun. Still, I can’t argue with how beautiful this city is on a sunny day, and we’re not having any weather-related problems so it’s not too bad.

Anyway, back to the stairs. When we finally did reach the bottom of what had seemed like endless stairs, we found ourselves near the Seattle Aquarium. Seeing a sign next to the aquarium pointing in the direction of the ferry terminal, we decided on a whim that it sounded like a fun idea to get on a ferry and out onto the Puget Sound. After a bit of walking, we found ourselves purchasing two round trip tickets to the Bainbridge Island ferry. The ferry is an enormous boat and despite the huge number of people and cars lined up to get on board, there was still quite a bit of space to move around and an abundance of places to sit on the ferry itself.

Seattle 1

Bainbridge island itself is a beautiful little getaway only a 30 minute ferry ride from downtown. It seems like a different world. Cute, quaint little shops and restaurants dotted the streets of an adorable little town. There was beautiful coastline and gorgeous trees all around. We spent a couple hours strolling around the town and exploring, having lunch, eating ice cream, and walking the beautiful coastal trail before heading back to the ferry. We hadn’t looked at the ferry schedule and were just “winging it” (one leaves about every hour, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world if we missed it), but when we were walking up to the ferry and heard the “last call for boarding” announced, we ran like mad to reach the boat, lest we have to wait another hour. Thankfully, we made it, much to the amusement of the guy who worked on the ferry and laughed at how hard we were huffing and puffing upon arrival.

Seattle 1

Another beautiful, pleasant trip on the water and we were back in the city. To my delight, we walked straight up a ramp from where the ferry dropped us off and ended up back on the street where our car was located without having to ascend 800,000 stairs. It was my lucky day!

Seattle 1 Seattle 1

It was still fairly early in the day at this point so we decided to head over to check out the area around the Space Needle, since we were doing the tourist thing today and all. It was a bit far and we were a bit tired from all the walking we had already done, so we drove over to the Space Needle and re-parked in that area. We didn’t go up in the needle or anything since it’s pretty expensive to do so and quite crowded inside, but we looked at it and took a lot of space needle pictures, so I would say that counts. What we did do, however, was visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum, which, although it had a slightly expensive admission was a seriously cool place to visit. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.
Seattle 1
Seattle 1

We strolled around the area a little more. There’s a museum that was designed by architect Frank Gehry there and although we didn’t have time (or endless money for museum admissions) to go in, we did stroll around the whole building admiring the architecture.

We were pretty dead on our feet at this point, so it was back to the car and to our little Airbnb to relax for the evening. On the way we stopped at Trader Joe’s and picked up all the essential food items, which I’m extremely happy about. I spent the rest of the evening lounging around like a bum, recovering from a very busy day, and munching on all my goodies from Beechers and Trader Joe’s.

Tomorrow we’re meeting some friends who plan on showing us around and hanging out with them, so I’m looking forward to that! For the moment, however, I plan to lay in bed looking at the internet until I pass out from exhaustion. Good night, everybody!

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Didn’t catch the first post in this series? Check it out here:



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