Pacific Northwest Adventure, Day 3: Good times with good friends.

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Day three in our Pacific Northwest Adventure saw us hanging out with some friends that I have known for over ten years through online communication, but finally got to actually hang out with, which was awesome. They live just South of Seattle, so we got up in the morning and headed over to their house where they took us out and around to some cool places for the day.

Seattle 2

We started out by heading over to Alki Beach in West Seattle where there is a great waterfront path that you can stroll around on and take in some awesome views of the Puget Sound. It’s a sort of sandy beach and seeing as though it has been hotter than San Diego this week, there were a lot of people hanging out there. We grabbed a coffee and walked around there with them where we checked out the water and views, sculptures, and some random jellyfish that had washed up onto the beach.

Seattle 2
Seattle 2

After that we headed to Snoqualmie Falls, which is a bit of a drive. Along the way we stopped at a really good Mediterranean place called Garlic Crush. What was awesome about it, other than the food being generally delicious, was that the meals came with a side of this absolutely incredible garlic paste that you could mix up in your meal. It made for some really delicious flavors. After lunch, we continued driving towards the falls but made a pit stop at a wonderful Bavarian style chocolate shop called Boehms Candies and Chocolates where we enjoyed the really cute atmosphere and of course purchased some amazing chocolate and fudge to munch on. It was really good!

Seattle 2

After that, we continued the rest of the way to Snoqualmie Falls. When we arrived, it was incredibly crowded, I suspect because it’s been so hot and people wanted to get out of the city and up into the mountains where it was cooler. Regardless, however, we had a good time hanging out with our friends at the Falls, which were truly beautiful. I also bought some delicious huckleberry candies and tea in the gift shop, which I’m looking forward to consuming later.
Seattle 2

After we had exhausted our time at the falls, we got back in the car and headed over to the town of Bellevue, which is sort of a more upscale area near Seattle where a lot of the tech people work. There was this park in Bellevue that we hung out at and I kid you not, there were probably a thousand people wandering around playing Pokemon Go. I may or may not have joined in with them (tee hee). It was pretty funny though, and like a festival atmosphere almost. Every now and then somebody would yell something out and the whole crowd would stampede in the direction of the yeller. I have never seen anything like it, but it was a pretty fun and unique thing and super funny to watch everybody run all over the place. I was highly tempted to just yell out random things and see if I could get people to run, or just start running in a random direction to see if I could start the migration, but I was kind of tired by this point so I didn’t, though that would be a pretty funny thing to do.

Seattle 2

We had some burgers with our friends for dinner before heading back to the car and back to our Airbnb for the night. Our awesome friends let us borrow their GPS unit, which will work in Canada, so I’m pretty excited about that since we’re heading up to B.C. on Tuesday and were wondering about navigating since I’m pretty sure our phones won’t work while we’re up there. So that solves that problem (thanks, guys!).

I was super tired when we got home and hungry yet again, so I made myself a snack, showered, and crashed for the night.

So far all I’ve done today is drink coffee and eat breakfast, but I’m looking forward to getting out there for another day of fun!

Didn’t catch the first post in this series? Check it out here:

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