Wanderlust Wednesday: New York, New York

I’m a big travel enthusiast (as you know) and I’m also an American, so it may surprise you to know that I have never been to New York City. Since New York is one of our country’s great cities, one would of course assume that any self-respecting traveling American would have visited it by now, but in my case, I just haven’t. It has nothing to do with my desire to see New York, of course. I even have friends there who have moved after school, but I just haven’t had the chance to go there just yet.

I suppose it’s because I tend to value one of two things when I travel: I either want to go somewhere as far away and different as possible from where I currently live, or I want to go somewhere that is extremely affordable. Basically, I’m either going all out on an epic international adventure, or I’m looking for budget destinations that tend to be a little closer to home. There doesn’t tend to be much of an in-between. New York is right in that sweet spot. It’s all the way on the East Coast and I don’t have anybody to stay with there (my friends who do live there have absurdly small apartments), so it would be quite an expensive place for me to go. Why not go to London or Iceland instead if you’re going to go to all the trouble, I ponder. I’ve been thinking lately though, that I should change that. It’s a shame that I haven’t seen New York City.

Anyway, that’s why on this Wanderlust Wednesday that my attentions have turned to the Big Apple. As Frank Sinatra said, I want to be a part of it…New York New York!

Have you ever been to New York City? What’s your favorite thing about the city?


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    • Thanks!!! I hope so too! I have a couple friends who live there now but I don’t know if I would want to impose upon them with their tiny apartments. I think it’s the kind of place I would either “rough it” or save up for a while to do 🙂 I hope to get there, too! People are often surprised I haven’t been to New York since I’ve traveled to a lot of other places. My husband has been there and loved it, but that was a few years before we met. Someday….

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  1. LOVE NYC!! Check out Delta Vacations. I bet if you’re close to a major airport you’ll be able to get a great deal – obviously you’ll want to stay longer than 2 days…. it’s too long a flight not to and there is too much to see 🙂


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