Pacific Northwest Adventure, Part 7: Granville Island, Stanley Park, & Downtown.

Didn’t catch the first post in this series? Start here: Pacific Northwest Adventure, Day 1: The Arrival

View of downtown from our walk.

The next day of our Vancouver adventure took us first to Granville Island. We started out parking in the area next to Science World and took a boat ferry over to Granville Island. We purchased a day pass to the boat ferries so we could explore for the whole day. The ferry operator gave us a little of the recent history of the area and how the city has grown quite a bit since the Vancouver olympics took place. He pointed out points of interest, recent architectural developments, where the olympic village had been, and told us stories of people who had found great success in the city due to the Vancouver olympics.

When we arrived at Granville Island, we explored a little bit and went in and out of some shops as well as the large public market before we settled in for a nice lunch at a restaurant overlooking the water called The Sandbar. I ordered the Wild Pacific Salmon and Norwood ordered the Cod. Both were absolutely delicious and refreshingly healthy after some of the shameful eating we had done prior to that meal on this trip. Our server found out we’re from San Diego and tried to talk to us about the San Diego Chargers, but I don’t follow football AT ALL and neither does my husband, so we gave him some awkward mumbles and blank stares in response. I really should work on my responses to people who try to chat me up by talking about football. He was a really nice guy though, and the conversation otherwise went smoothly. The food was incredible, though, and it was an awesome experience.

We explored the island a little more after lunch and decided to go on a walk, so we headed up the shore for quite a while…all the way to Kitsilano Beach Park! It was a hot day and the walk was long. Along the way, we passed under a bridge, through a couple nice parks, and next to the maritime museum where we viewed some cool ships and a submarine. We rested at the beach a little and realized we had walked so far in the heat that neither of us really wanted to walk back. Unfortunately, the ferry company we had bought the day pass with didn’t operate in that area, so we ended up buying a separate one way ferry ticket with a different ferry company to take us back to Granville Island where we could catch the ferry we had the day pass with. It was worth the extra money not to walk back, hahaha.


Granville Island and Kitsilano Beach Park

When we reached Granville again, we stopped and got a gelato at one of the many ice cream shops at the public market. We also bought a few souvenirs to give as gifts to our families and coworkers since Granville had a lot of shops. After that, we caught the ferry back to the area around Science World where our car was parked.


Bird sculpture at the olympic village


Maritime Museum and Kitsilano Beach Park

When we got off the ferry, we took a quick stroll around the Olympic Village, which wasn’t that interesting apart from some huge bird sculptures, and then walked back to the car. We saw hundreds of people dressed entirely in white carrying folding tables and chairs, which was strange. We asked one of them what was happening and she told us they were there for Diner en Blanc, which is sort of a fancy flashmob picnic where everybody dresses in white and acts fancy together. Interesting. Anyway, we got in the car and headed over to Stanley Park after that, where we did a tremendous amount of walking around and visiting the various sights until we absolutely couldn’t walk any more. We still wanted to see the rest of the park, however, so we got in the car and cruised around the rest of the park, stopping at points of interest along the way.


The seawall at Stanley Park


Views from Stanley Park

When we had finally finished touring the park, I was absolutely exhausted so we went back to our Airbnb and spent the rest of the night half passed out on the couch watching one of the Harry Potter movies. Because that’s how I roll.


Stanley Park

Didn’t catch the first post in this series? Start here: Pacific Northwest Adventure, Day 1: The Arrival

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