Wanderlust Wednesday: Myanmar

Chances are, you haven’t been to Myanmar. I haven’t been to Myanmar, and I don’t know anybody who has been. Known as Burma until recently, the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar was closed off to most tourism for decades. Only recently has the country opened up to tourism, and even now it’s not exactly the easiest place to get around. ATM machines are sporadic, if available at all, visa policies are strict, and transportation can be rough to say the least.

That being said, Myanmar is an absolutely stunning place. I hope to see it someday. As the country gets more and more tourists visiting every year, their infrastructure is sure to grow over time to accommodate it. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I’ll let the people of Myanmar decide that for themselves.

Update: I’ve had quite a few people who were quite adamant to correct me on the difficulty of the visa process and finding ATMs in this article. I would like to thank all of those who sent me messages or comments with their own experiences to clarify that travel in Myanmar wasn’t so difficult after all. To the person who sent me a message telling me what a horrible person I am and how horrible this article was because she had been able to travel to Myanmar without issue, I say this: Really? Do you not have anything better to do than get angry at people over the internet?

And in case anybody else is feeling full of rage at the moment, remember that this segment is called Wanderlust Wednesday and features places I’ve never been that I would like to go and have just researched over the internet. So, take it with a grain of salt. This series is here to inspire others to get out and see the world. That’s all. This blog is a place to be positive. In my opinion, the internet is largely a huge dumpster fire of negativity where everything is about shouting over one another and getting outraged over everything. This site isn’t a place for outrage. I seek to make this blog a positive place to come…a respite from all the crap that’s all over the rest of the internet.

If you want to be outraged, there’s a whole internet out there for it. I welcome constructive criticism, other insights, and fact corrections. Those things help me to improve, but let’s keep it civil. That is all.


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  1. I’ve bee to Myanmar!! I really recommend it, it’s beautiful. My favourite place to visit was the Shwedagon Pagoda, I went there at sunset and it was amazing (I’ve written a blog about it!). If you ever get the chance to go definitely take it, it’ll be an experience you won’t forget 😀


  2. Hi! We have been there last year with our Lia)) Have been to all of those places from your pics and more! As for the difficulty to travel Myanmar I would disagree. ATM are everywhere where tourists go, we had no problems at all. Busses are fine ( a little bit too cold due to the aircon but they give you a blanket :D), also they have trains…and visa is really easy to get! We had ours from the embassy in Kuala Lumpur however most travelers applied online and had it no problems.
    The only thing about Myanmar that was bothering me is dirtiness and smell of decomposed trash everywhere. And food…couldnt eat there at all 😦
    People are though among the nicest we have ever met! Check out this video, so hilarious! We always had crowds of people around us wanting to take a picture with Lia 🙂


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