Wanderlust Wednesday: Italy’s Cinque Terre

There’s just something about Italy that conjures up images of romance. The Cinque Terre, a string of amazingly gorgeous centuries-old seaside villages on the Italian coastline take that romance to a whole new level. In these five towns (cinque terre means five towns),  visitors can explore vibrantly colorful houses, ancient vineyards, watch fishing boats go by, and dine on fabulously fresh seafood in numerous trattorias. This region is also famous for being where pesto comes from, so we can all thank the good people of the Cinque Terre next time we dine on some amazing pasta with pesto.



I’ve been to Italy before, but unfortunately for me I didn’t have time to visit the Cinque Terre on that particular visit. What a shame. I suppose one could look on it as fortunate, however, because it gives me a solid excuse for going back to Italy, not that I needed one.


So, on this Wanderlust Wednesday, take a moment to sit back, close your eyes, and imagine yourself strolling the incredibly gorgeous ancient streets of the Cinque Terre.



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