On Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

One of the most awesome things I did in Sydney was to take part in the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. Never in my life have I done something so unique and thrilling. It was the experience of a lifetime.


If you’re going to be visiting Sydney, I highly recommend you book yourself a climb. Sure, it’s expensive, but how often are you in Sydney? Take my word for it: the price is worth it and you’ll remember your climb fondly for the rest of your life.

If you’re afraid, don’t be. They make sure you’re safe and well clipped in, and with the railing on both sides of you it’s literally impossible to fall off the bridge. Also, it’s not as strenuous as you might think. Yes, it’s a lot of steps and you’ll be pretty far up there, but we had people in our group who were in their 70’s and had no problem whatsoever completing the climb.

There are different options on climbs you can do, but I do recommend you choose one that includes a climb all the way to the top. The views from up there of Sydney, the harbour, the opera house, and beyond are fantastic, and your guide will give you a detailed and fascinating history of the bridge and of Sydney itself along the way.

You have to wear their funny little outfit when you go up, and you’re not allowed to bring cameras or loose items of your own, but they will take photos up there (which, yes, you have to purchase. It’s a bit of a racket but it’s worth it to buy the photos). The only thing you need to make sure you bring with you is proper footwear (i.e. sneakers).


The Bridge

What I can’t describe for you properly in words, however, is the sheer thrill of being up there and for doing something as cool as climbing a giant bridge in a major metropolitan area? Don’t hesitate. Do it. A note: the bridge climb is quite popular, so book early if you know you’ll be in town during a certain time period because you really won’t want to miss it.

Check them out at


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