Wanderlust Wednesday: Perth, Australia

Australia is a big place, and when most of us visit, we end up sticking to places like Tropical North Queensland, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. If we’re lucky, we’ll have a little time to explore Tasmania or even down to Adelaide. However, there’s another awesome place in Australia and that is the city of Perth.


Located on the far Western Coast of the continent, it is one of the most remote cities on Earth. Most people don’t give much of a thought to Perth, but I would like to see it one day. Here’s why:

Perth has awesome beaches.I’m talking gorgeous white sand and beautiful water to relax by. Not only that, but Western Australia is known for some of the most consistent, highest quality surf breaks on the planet. You can also take a wine tour of the area’s wine regions and taste delicious wines. They have a thriving bar and cafe scene, and the surrounding area is fabulous for nature and wildlife experiences. Where else can you meet a quokka, the world’s happiest looking animal?

Have you been to Perth? Tell me more!


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