The Thursday Oceanside Street Fair is a Round-the-world Food Wonderland

Every Thursday night in Oceanside, California, something awesome happens. I’m talking about the Main Street Oceanside Sunset Market, a.k.a. the best spot to eat in town.

On this particular Thursday, I have relatives in town from Arizona who I am meeting after I get off work for a foodtastic visit. With live music pumping from the main stage, we set off to discover what delicious foods are in store for us. Our first stop is the Maine Lobster booth, where I sample the best lobster tacos I’ve ever had in my life, no exaggeration.

Next we were on to the West African Cuisine booth, where we were introduced to the culinary delight that is a Sambusa, a friend pastry that can be filled with things such as spinach and pineapple, coconut, seasoned beef, or peppers and cheese. We liked them so much we actually came back to the booth for a second time to get some more.

My husband opted for the Jamaican Fusion booth, where he sampled a jerk chicken wrap that looked incredible. My uncle was a fan of the booth that served tiny donuts fresh out of the deep fryer and covered in powdered sugar. I, of course, had to stop at the cheese booth where I was offered samples of amazing gourmet cheeses. You bet I brought some home with me! My aunt was a fan of the Greek yogurt booth, where she purchased a tub of homemade Greek yogurt that had been flavored with rose water.

No stop at the street market would be complete without stopping by the Brazilian food booth for a little Pão de Queijo (Brazilian cheese bread), and it didn’t disappoint. The poke stand was awesome, with amazing fresh fish. I ended up getting myself a kimchi flavored poke taco, because why not? I even tried some Venezuelan food, where I discovered the delight of arepas, which I can only describe as a sort of sandwich where the “bread” is made from ground maize (corn) and had seasoned chicken, cheese and avocado inside it. Yum!

icon-glutenfree I can’t write about the street fair without talking about the gluten free pastries they had on offer there. I had a raspberry cream pastry that was so incredible that I couldn’t stop myself from eating the whole thing, even though it was huge. Meanwhile, my uncle was eyeing the creme brûlée stand, where he ended up getting a Kahlua creme brûlée, because why not?

Things I was way too full to even attempt to try included BBQ, Korean food, Hawaiian food, Greek food, Thai food, Sushi, Japanese BBQ, street tacos, specialty sausages, Cajun food, Belgian fries, Filipino cuisine, Vietnamese food, Crepes, Macarons, Cookies, Pizza, Burgers, Cakes, Ceviche, Pierogies, Pasta, chocolate covered strawberries, El Salvadoran Pupusas, Indian food, and more. Seriously, one could eat themselves into a ten year coma at this place. I certainly did.

I have a new standing dinner plan on Thursday nights, it would seem.

If you ever find yourself visiting North San Diego county and you have some free time on a Thursday night, do yourself a favor and head to Oceanside. Your stomach will be happy.


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