Wanderlust Wednesday: Jamaica

I’ve always wanted to go to Jamaica. The beautiful Caribbean waters, the simply stunning mountains, the chill reggae beats…what’s not to love?


Jamaica is a country that has it all, from outdoor adventures to exciting nights on the town. They have incredile white sand beaches and incredible cuisine and drinks to enjoy. It’s the kind of place where you can choose to either have an epic adventure, or just sit by the water watching the palm trees sway in the breeze.


That’s why this Wanderlust Wednesday, I’m turning my gaze towards the beautiful island nation of Jamaica.

Jamaica is an amazing place where many visitors go to see, for sure. But I feel like it’s also the kind of place where rather than staying in a resort all the time, one should venture out and explore and get to know the “real” Jamaica because it’s important to know that although Jamaica is a place of glamour, beauty, and style, there is also a lot of poverty in Jamaica. However, the people have an amazing beauty and culture to them and it would be a shame to travel there and not go out into the world and experience that beauty and culture.

So…this Wanderlust Wednesday, close your eyes for a moment and picture yourself in Jamaica. Feel better? I thought so.


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