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Holiday Gifts For The Traveler In Your Life

It’s December. How did that even happen?!?!?! Time flies.

Anyway, if you’re looking for some gift ideas for the traveler in your life, read on! These gifts are sure to be loved by your favorite vagabond. And also just for full disclosure, this is NOT a sponsored post. I just like these things and I’m getting paid nothing to promote them (but if any of the representatives from these companies are reading this and, you know, want to send a little love my way…I won’t mind).

eBags Weekender Motherlode Backpack.

143101_5_1I’m obsessed with this backpack. My mom gave it to me for Christmas about 12 years ago and I’ve taken it all over the world with me. After all those years of heavy use, it started to wear out, so I did what any sensible person would do and bought another one! Everywhere I go, I get comments and compliments on what a great travel backpack I have. It’s carry-on size and has all sorts of great features. Plus, it’s so nice to tromp through the airport and around a city with this thing on my back instead of dragging some suitcase around. I highly recommend this bag for anybody who likes to travel.

This travel pin board.

I’m a big fan of wall art and also of travel, so I searched the internet far and wide (ok, maybe just Amazon) for a nice looked travel pin board, and I ended up purchasing this one. It was a little pricey but I’ll keep it forever, I love it, and I enjoy standing around staring at it where it hangs in my hallway. I’d say it’s a win-win. Here’s the link to the product on Amazon. They have some other stylish pin maps on there as well if you don’t like the look of this one. Just search ‘travel pin board’ and choose your favorite.


skyroam_3gmate_global_wifi_hotspot_no_overage_fees_flat_roaming_chargesPortable WiFi. Need I say more? If you haven’t heard of this magical device before, check out their website. You know when you’re traveling in another country and your phone doesn’t work so you go searching for WiFi all over the place? Well, this solves that problem and allows you to take the WiFi with you. Pretty sweet. You buy the device and then you can purchase time on an as-needed basis. Works in a lot of different countries, and the prices are reasonable. Check it out!

A Nice Travel Journal.

I don’t know about you, but I love keeping a journal when I travel. Not only is it great reference material for when I come home and write up some lovely blog posts for all of you to enjoy, but it also serves as a wonderful keepsake from my trip later on. As an artist, I’m a big fan of journaling in a hardcover sketchbook so I can write, draw, and paint all in one book, but if you or your favorite traveler isn’t exactly the artsy type, they might appreciate a beautiful travel journal to record their memories in.

As an alternative gift to a journal, they might also enjoy the Travel Listography book, which lets users list their travel adventures, past trips, future trips, ideas, etc. It’s a fun and inspiring gift that is sure to delight any travel lover. P.S. Mom if you’re reading this, hint hint.

A Stylish Backpack.


We travelers face a sort of predicament at times. We want to look stylish when we’re tromping around a new city, but we also need a bag that’s big enough to carry not only our keys, phone, and wallet, but also our passport, a camera, perhaps a map or two, maybe a guidebook, our Skyroam (see above), and a myriad of other essentials one wants while traveling. I’ve found this backpack to be quite roomy and handy, but also much more stylish than tromping around with a Jansport on your back. I’m not a big fan of purses because I prefer to have both my hands free. When I’m at home, I carry around the tiniest leather backpack that only fits my keys, phone, and wallet, but when I’m traveling and need to carry a little bit more, this bag is wonderful.

The Vapur Element water bottle.

front_1I drink a ton of water so I love to carry a water bottle around with me, but they can be pretty bulky. This water bottle is great for travel because when it’s empty, it can be flattened and even rolled up, but when it’s full, it stands on it’s own. This is especially great for packing when you don’t have enough space in your bag or bringing into the airport with you (just fill it up at the water fountain after you go through security). When you finish drinking it on the plane, you can just flatten it out, roll it up, and stow it back in your carry-on. This bottle is especially great to bring on hiking and outdoor adventures with you because it’s light, easy to carry, and BPA-free.

This Shawl

00229998-02I always take a shawl or large scarf with me when I travel. It’s great to use as a blanket, a coat, rolled up and used as a pillow, etc. It’s especially perfect for when you’re chilly on the plane and you want to stay warm and comfortable.

Why not bring a shawl that’s warm and comfortable enough to be used as a lap blanket, but stylish enough for a night on the town? After all, you only have so much space in your suitcase. I particularly like this one. It is nice and roomy so it can be used for multiple purposes, but the color and striped details on it make it a nice jacket to wear out to dinner even in more stylish and fashionable restaurants. It’s also great for camping trips where you spend some time bundled up around the fire at night, and the price is downright reasonable.

This would be a great gift for any travel ladies in your life.

Kammok Camping Hammock



This little baby is lightweight, portable, compact, and comfortable. The Kammok hammock is much easier to set up than a traditional hammock, which means you won’t spend hours in frustration trying to figure out how to set the stupid thing up. One of my coworkers has this hammock and actually uses it go go take naps at the park near work on breaks. She has nothing but good things to say about this product and quite frankly, I’m a little jealous that she has her own personal nap pod. I might have to get one and join her. Technically it’s a camping hammock, but it can be for lunch breaks, too. Right?

Learn more about this product and purchase from their website.

An airline or hotel gift card.

pexels-photo (3)

Best. Gift. Ever.

What better gift for a traveler than the gift of travel? A couple years ago the CEO of my company gave everybody Southwest Airlines gift cards for Christmas because he wanted everybody to be able to travel (see why I love working at this company?) and it was honestly the best gift I’ve ever gotten. I used it to travel to Tennessee and North Carolina where I visited relatives, went whitewater rafting, tromped around Nashville, visited historical sites in Chattanooga, ate some fabulous barbecue, and went on some truly spectacular hiking trails. Many airlines and hotel chains offer gift cards as well and I can tell you that any traveler will light up like, well, a Christmas tree when they unwrap the gift of adventure.

“Experience” gift cards.


Way more awesome than a new sweater.

While we’re on the subject of gift cards, I would like to point out that another good one is a gift card for an “experience”. We travelers value experiences over stuff, so what better gift to give than something really fun to do? Use your imagination for this one. What does your favorite traveler like to do? Have they ever mentioned wanting to try out an activity? Do they have any upcoming travel plans? See if there are gift cards available online for cool things to do in her area. Sydney Bridge Climb has one, for example. Lots of places all around the world have gift certificates available online! Do a quick Google search for gift cards for the area they are traveling to and you might find something great. If they don’t have upcoming plans, you can get them a card for something local. A zipline, kayak rentals, ski lift tickets, surfing lessons….the possibilities are endless.


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