Wanderlust Wednesday: Havana, Cuba

There has been a lot of interest in Cuba lately, with the travel restrictions for U.S. citizens to Cuba being lifted, more and more people are traveling to Cuba. I’ve heard a lot of talk about people wanting to visit Cuba “before it changes”. What they mean by this is that they want to go see the beautiful buildings and cars that have been caught in a time warp due to the embargo.

While some people romanticize about the beautiful time warp, others would argue that the country is still very much poverty stricken, and while it may be beautiful to see, those who live there have struggled with years of poverty. As tourism in the country ramps up, Cuba is going to need to find a new way to both improve their infrastructure and improve the lives of locals, but also maintain some of the beauty and charm that attracts people to Cuba in the first place, but that’s a blog for another time.

That’s not what today’s blog is about. Today is Wanderlust Wednesday and we are just going to simply take a look at the beautiful city of Havana.



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