Wanderlust Wednesday: Transylvania, Romania


Admit it. This is what you pictured.

We’ve all heard stories about Dracula’s castle in Transylvania. Most of us imagine Transylvania and think of a creepy, dark place where vampires lurk in the night and werewolves howl. Even if most of us know that vampires don’t really lurk there, it’s still the imagery that comes to mind.

I know a guy from Romania, and he rolls his eyes whenever somebody accuses him of being a vampire or other such nonsense.

The truth is, Romania has a lot to recommend it and Transylvania is a real place, and a pretty cool place at that.

The real Transylvania is a region of Central Romania which is known for beautiful medieval towns, gorgeous castles (including the famous Gothic Bran Castle), mountains, lively cafes, and ski resorts.

This Wanderlust Wednesday, let’s take a moment to imagine ourselves exploring the gorgeous region of Transylvania.

Have you ever been to Transylvania? What did you think?


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  1. My math teacher in high school was Romanian, and she talked like the Dracula that are shown on tv/movies (same accent). She would play it up, and dress like a vampire every year for Halloween. 🙂


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