Wanderlust Wednesday: Trans-Siberian Railway through Russia

There is something alluring about the Trans-Siberian railway. When I think of it, images of old world travel come to mind, where you get to sleep in train compartments and eat in a dining car. There is something so nostalgic and romantic about the whole thing.

The Trans-Siberian railway is an extremely long train journey that ventures across Russia and ends in China, Mongolia, or North Korea (although I might skip that last stop). It is the world’s longest train journey where people can sit back, relax, and watch the world go by.

Someday, sometime in my life, I will go on this train journey. Until then, I can dream on this Wanderlust Wednesday…


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  1. It is definitely an awesome trip! And I hope one day you make it happen…However I just have to correct you here. Trans-Siberian doesnt end in China or Mongolia, it ends in Russia, in Vladivostok. The route that brings you to UlaanBaatar is called Trans-Mongolian. There are trains that go straight to Beijin but it is not really Trans-Siberian anymore.


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