Spending A Weekend In The Perfect Tadoba Accommodation

Hello, everybody! I’m happy to announce a guest post today from Bill Williams. Bill is a writer who would like to share with us some tips for visiting Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra, India. Before Bill contacted me, I hadn’t actually heard of Tadoba National Park, so I was delighted to learn a little more about this unique place in the world and would love to visit someday!


A weekend at the serene locales of Tadoba can be a fascinating experience. The wildlife sanctuary is renowned for its tiger reserve and home to some of the rarest of species. However, the winter months restrict the viewing of tigers. But, you would be witnessing the rarest of bird species in this part of Maharashtra. The national park would be filled with the essence of beautiful flowers, be it hibiscus, tulip, or rose. But, you must be careful too; thorns are spread along your way. There are dangerous insects, alligators and reptiles secretly waiting as predators to haunt anyone coming their way. So, be careful and never forget to carry the necessary medicines and precautionary measures to make the journey perfectly smooth for you.

The Accommodation Options

Speaking about Tadoba accommodation options, there are not much to be talked about. Earlier there were a few tourist lodges available. Those are still prevalent and run by private agencies. They mostly attract foreign and NRI travelers. They are extremely overpriced. On the other hand, there are a few tents, guest houses and dormitories available of late. These are run by the Maharashtrian Government in Collaboration, with the Tadoba Forest Department. These accommodation options are relatively cheaper in terms of rate. At the same time, they also feature all the luxury amenities and food facilities. The safari trips are also organized through these facilities. These accommodation options are probably the most affordable and the best option for those who are looking for budget quality stay at Tadoba.

Tadoba Wildlife Sanctuary

Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra, India

Via Njanasundaran P T, Flickr.

Although the sanctuary was there since the ages, Tadoba achieved its prominence during the mid-60’s when it achieved the name of National Park. It is one of the few wildlife reserves in the country to feature white tigers and Royal Bengal tigers. Apart from tigers, you will find other animals like, bison, bear, hyena, cheetah, deer and elephants (in fewer numbers presently). There are crocodiles present in the rivers flowing through the wildlife sanctuary. Although the numbers have minimized a lot in recent years, travelers can spot a couple during their safari tours. You can also spot monitor lizards. They are available in plenty and considered to be the star attraction of this wildlife reserve.

Beware of the Snakes


Among the venomous ones, there are Russell’s Viper, Cobra, and Krait that can be seen in this national park. Be very careful with your safari trips. Always carry lights and proper equipment while touring in the presence of a local guide. There can be danger lying close by. It may well be that every step of the travelers is being secretly observed by some venomous reptiles. However, not every snake is venomous. In Tadoba, you will also find several non-venomous snakes like, the Indian Python, leaf-nosed snake, bronze tree snake and Nastrix, to name a few.  

Tadoba can be a wonderful place to visit during the winter holidays. A weekend visit to this wildlife locale never leaves you unsatisfied. The mystic greens make you crave for more while making your trip a successful one.


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