Wanderlust Wednesday: The Route 66 Road Trip

9382033406_2aa4656e3c_k.jpgI actually grew up really close to Route 66 in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Of course, here in Southern California it goes by many names depending on the area of town you are in. In my case, we called it Foothill Blvd. and it was indistinguishable from any other fairly busy street in Southern California, lined with strip malls, shops, grocery stores, apartment buildings, and other random features that are repeated over and over in Suburbia. The only thing that even distinguished it at all from any other street was that every now and then you would encounter a “Historic Route 66” road sign. Yawn.

Still, living so close to Route 66 for so many years, I often heard about and saw nostalgic images from a bygone era when Route 66 was the ultimate road trip across the United States. Pamphlets and commercials featuring classic images of Americana would occasionally find their way to me, and I found myself longing for my own kitschy road trip down the U.S. memory lane.

Today, you can drive across the country on one of our many interstate highways, which are much quicker than the slow, meandering journey that is Route 66. Still, for those who are willing to put in the time, there are still delights to be experienced should they choose the historic route. That’s why today we’re going to explore some of the images of the classic Route 66 road trip. Enjoy!
hellRuta 66, Route 66.The Train Wreck is Behind YouTucumcari, NM2 GunsWigwam MotelWhiting BrosRoute 66  Grand Canyon Caverns 212Tourist AttractionCadillac Ranch Route 66


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