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Great Photo Apps for Travelers

More and more of us are traveling these days with just a smart phone rather than carrying guide books, maps, a music player, a phone card, and a camera like in the old days. Remember carrying all that stuff? It’s nice to have the load lightened. Still, for those of us who love taking beautiful photographs, we may sometimes feel a smart phone doesn’t capture our images in just the way we want them. Not to worry, there’s an app for that! Obviously, Instagram is a great go-to app for making beautiful travel photos. (shameless plug for my Instagram!!!) However, when Instagram just isn’t enough, there are plenty of other apps out there to help you create and edit your travel memories just the way you want them.

Great Photo Apps for Travelers

So, I put this list together for you of some great apps you can download to your phone and use to make your travel photos just that much better. Happy travels!

Photo Collage


This one is actually a combo of Labelbox and Photo Collage. Clearly I love both apps.

This free app is great for combining several pictures together to form a collage. It is a really easy app to use. The app allows you the choice between different layout options and then all you do is drop the photos in, re-position them, and you’re good to go.


Another collage with a Labelbox label on it.


This is a great app to use when you want to add text over a photo. You’ve seen those beautiful travel images with quotes on top, or perhaps just the name of the destination? This can be easily achieved using Over.


Another app for adding labels to photos. It’s a free app with several different label options and a large library of premium labels which you can purchase with in-app purchases. This one is designed to look more like a label maker applied a label to the photo rather than the more “graphic designed” text on photos that Over allows you to do, so it’s really about your personal aesthetic and style.


Great for adding a caption to a photo.


Here’s a really dorky labelbox picture of me reading Game of Thrones on my tablet. Yes, they have little shapes too.

Google Photos

If you’re like me and you like taking about a million photos while traveling, you may have run into the problem of hitting your storage limit. If this happens to you, don’t panic- there’s an app for that! Google Photos will allow you to upload all your photos to your Google Photos account so you will be free to delete them from your phone and keep on snapping.

360 Panorama

Sure, your phone will take a panoramic photo. But sometimes you want the whole picture and a panoramic photo just won’t do the trick. That’s where this app comes in handy. It creates scenes where you can actually scroll around and pan up, down, and side to side to view all of the surroundings photographed. Pretty cool.


Think of Snapseed as sort of like Photoshop for your phone. It is a great app for retouching and editing your photos and has some of the same tools as you would find in professional photo editing software such as crop, brighten, rotate, and even a healing brush tool. They also have filters like Instagram that you can use to enhance your photos.

But seriously….use Instagram if you aren’t using it. It’s the best. Here’s a picture of my mom’s dog from Instagram to help convince you. Isn’t she cute? (Really I just wanted to share a picture of the dog because I’m in love with her and couldn’t think of any other reason to since this is a travel blog and not a look how cute the dog is blog).



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