Wanderlust Wednesday: Rwanda

Have you ever seen the TV series Long Way Down, starring Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman? If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it as it is the story of these two friends (and their enormous team, film crew, etc.) as they embark on a journey all the way from Scotland to South Africa on motorcycles. That’s right. They rode all the way down, and it’s a delight. This is actually the follow up series to Long Way Round, in which they ride all the way from London to New York on motorcycles, also highly recommended. But the reason I mention Long Way Down is because it was while my husband and I were binge watching this show that the episode where they visit Rwanda takes place. During their time there, they got to see gorillas in their natural habitat and I have to admit, it was magical.

My husband hasn’t stopped talking about his desire to visit Rwanda ever since. So, I thought it only fitting that we do a Wanderlust Wednesday on Rwanda and explore some of the awesome things that make this small, landlocked country in Africa a really special place.

Rwanda is on the up and up…

When you mention Rwanda to somebody, they will likely recall some pretty brutal images of war in the mid-90’s. However, things have calmed down considerably since then and in general, it’s a safe place to visit. There are still issues from time to time, however, but if you are vigilant you should be fine. Besides, Rwanda is a beautiful place that has so much to offer those who are willing to pay it a visit! Take a look at some of the beautiful images from the country, below, and imagine yourself on a trip to this beautiful African nation.

Nature and Wildlife…

Volcanoes National Park
People on the road outside Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda Baby and momma gorilla,  Rwanda at the Volcanoes National Park
Akagera National Park
Cattle grazing in Akagera National Park Giraffe in Akagera National Park
Nyungwe National Park
Nyungwe National Park Nyungwe's Blue Monkey - 2
Virunga National Park
Volcano Nyiragongo - Virunga National Park MOUNTAIN GORILLAS - VIRUNGA NATIONAL PARK

Culture and history…

The Kigali Genocide Memorial is a memorial to around 250,000 people who were killed during the span of 100 days and buried in mass graves. No, it’s not a happy place to visit, but it is a beautiful and touching memorial to an important moment in Rwandan history. If you really want to understand the scars that run deep in this country, this is a good place to visit during your stay.

Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre

Niyo Art Gallery
23 Niyo


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