On Traveling to Venice, Italy (Part 2): Arrival

The moment my plane touched down at the Venice airport, all the wariness and exhaustion of the last several days of traveling left me. All I had left was excitement. This was, after all, my first time in Italy, and I was about to explore one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

Most people who travel to Venice end up arriving by train. However, after my experience of flying directly to Venice, I would tell anybody and everybody willing to listen that arriving by plane is the only way to arrive in Venice. Here’s why:

When you arrive at Marco Polo Airport, you can hop on a ferry directly from the airport that will take you into the city. The airport isn’t actually in Venice, you see. It’s on the mainland nearby. The ferry is called a “water bus”. All the vehicles in Venice are boats since there are no cars in the city. You can also take a water taxi, but that’s a more expensive option. We decided to take the water bus.

Depending on where you’re getting off, the length of time you’re on the ferry can vary. This isn’t a quick trip, however. It can take a little over an hour to get to central Venice from the airport. That’s okay, though, because you will have a lot of time to relax and take in some truly spectacular sights that you otherwise wouldn’t see while you’re on the journey.

229669_5742426717_1749_n (1)

See that wrap around my shoulders? You should know that Italian churches have strict dress codes. Bring a scarf to cover your shoulders if you’re wearing a sleeveless shirt or dress.

Anyway, the ferry ride took us through some truly extraordinarily beautiful places and we got to see some of the other islands surrounding the city. It was amazing. I was pretty tired, however, and happy to finally arrive in the city. The ferry dropped us off right at the Piazza San Marco and it was surreal walking through the place I had seen so many images of before.

Venice is a truly spectacular city. It is beautiful…the stuff of dreams. My jaw dropped, even in my sleepless delirium, as I feasted my eyes upon amazing architecture, picture-perfect canals, and iconic sights I had only seen in photos and movies before.

It hit me like a ton of bricks: I was in Venice.



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