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Diving in the Islands of Malta and Gozo

I’m happy to announce a guest post today! Today’s post was written by Elena Tahora from Elena is  an avid traveler, adventurer, and blogger. She has written about scuba diving off the islands of Malta and Gozo for us today. I hope you enjoy her post, and definitely check out her site if you get the chance! 

Malta flaunts some of the best diving locations in the Mediterranean with a broad range of shore and boat diving sites along with a well-established infrastructure that caters to various activities for non-diving partners.The rocky landscape of the Maltese Islands, i.e. Malta, Gozo and the unpopulated Comino, make up a rapidly shelving sea bed that offers tremendous opportunities for shore diving.

With few currents and no tides, good visibility, stunning underwater scenery including caves, warm water, overhangs and swim-throughs, Malta presents one of the world’s best diving experiences to all amateur and professional divers. You will find huge diver traffic in Malta in the Cirkewwa area, which is located on the northwest coast of the island and is the terminal for the passenger ferries and cars to Gozo.


A famous dive site in Gozo is the Blue Hole where users can dive by boat or shore. There is a 150m walk to the entry point if you are keen on diving from the shore. The entire area is distinguished by arches and cavities. The Azure Window, which is accessible via the Blue Hole, is breath-taking both above and below the surface. The swim-throughs are great for keeping most of the divers enthusiastic about diving in Gozo and Malta.

Other popular dive sites include the shallow Sugar Loaf location, which rises 8m from the sea bed and is a massive rock that has been detached from the main reef. A small statue of the Madonna, which rests in a small cave, can also be found. One of the most spectacular sites is Cirkewwa, which is great for professional and experienced divers who can enjoy the Rozi, which is a wrecked tugboat, sitting at 35m. This is a purpose-sunk wreck which rests perfectly intact for offering memorable photographic opportunities.


Gozo is one of the few remaining Mediterranean islands that have not been spoilt. Being a paradise for divers owing to its rural charm and simplicity, it has beautiful underwater scenery that pulls worldwide divers back to the island for diving in Gozo frequently. Tunnels and arches have been carved out of the coastline and provide divers with never-ending points of interest around a 27-mile coastline. The coastline offers natural rugged beauty with great underwater visibility.

Moreover, there are around 50 dive sites, accessible from the boat and shore across Comino. The clarity of the water and the stable conditions make Malta an ideal place for taking pleasure in your diving pursuits. All divers, professional or amateur, are sure to enjoy the various caves, tunnels and arches that offer a challenging yet thrilling diving experience.


Rabat or the hilltop citadel of Victoria is the heart of Gozo. It is a bustling market square. If you want to get a typical feel of the peace and tranquility of Gozo, Xlendi and Xewkija are great escapes to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy the beaches. Not just that, the tiny Comino Island that lies between Malta and Gozo provides a beautiful and car-free diversion.

About the Author:

Elena Tahora loves to pack her world in a backpack and say yes to every adventure! A firm believer of the law of attraction, she spends her free time drinking tea while daydreaming of waking up in different cities and travelling in space. She’s currently working as brand ambassador for Atlantis Gozo.

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