Wanderlust Wednesday: Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls is a beautiful, impressive, famous waterfall which is located on the border between the United States and Canada. On the U.S. side, it’s just outside Buffalo, New York, and on the Canadian side, it’s not terribly far from Toronto. I’ve always wanted to visit this natural wonder, and it would be great to combine a visit to the Falls with a tour of the region on both sides of the border. This Wanderlust Wednesday, let’s explore what a possible U.S.-Canada journey centering around Niagara Falls might look like.

Let’s start in Buffalo, New York. This little city doesn’t get a lot of attention, but it does have some awesome things to recommend it. First of all, it’s located right on the shores of Lake Erie and really is quite a beautiful city with awesome neoclassical, art deco, and beaux arts architecture throughout the city. There are even some Frank Lloyd Wright-designed buildings in town, and an awesome little art gallery featuring works from Warhol and Picasso. Pretty impressive. Let’s not forget the famous Buffalo wings, which were invented here. If you’re a fan of wings and you’re looking for the real deal, look no further.

After you’ve had a little tour of the city and fueled up with some delicious Buffalo wings, it’s time to head up to Niagara Falls. Make sure to view it from both sides of the border to get the full experience.


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Then, after you’ve had a nice day experiencing the wonder of the falls, it’s time to head to Toronto, where we will end our journey. Toronto is an amazingly beautiful metropolis that is full of impressive views, delicious restaurants, entertainment and nightlife, and so much more. I touched on Toronto last week so I won’t talk too much about it this week, but let’s just say it’s an awesome place to visit!


How can you not fall in love with Toronto? It’s GORGEOUS.

Doesn’t this sound like a great trip to take? Have you ever done this trip? I would love to hear your thoughts, tips, and stories!




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  1. My first trip out of the country was exactly this (minus Toronto)! I went with my family a few years ago as our annual vacation. We took our camper and stayed at a campground nestled between Buffalo and Niagara. Buffalo, btw, has horrible drivers so watch out! We took the boat down to the base of the falls, walked the trail by the falls on the U.S. side, and watched the lights come on under the falls on the Canadian side. We also spent the day in the Canadian town of Niagara on the Lake. It’s such a picturesque little town with perfectly manicured flowers every where, artsy shops, artisan cafes, and even a horse drawn carriage giving rides. I highly suggest taking a trip out there if you go to Niagara. 🙂


  2. Niagra Falls is high up on our list! We love chasing waterfalls…so Niagra seems like a perfect option! Buffalo also seems like an interesting place that has a lot of hardworking charm and character to it.


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