Packing for Florida in the Springtime

I recently went on a trip to Northwestern Florida, and brought back with me a few insights on what you should pack when visiting the region. Here are my suggestions:


It’s quite warm in Florida at this time of year, so you won’t need heavy clothing. I suggest wearing light, breathable clothing and bringing just one light sweater or sweatshirt with you. It didn’t rain when I was in town, but I was informed that it had been raining and was about to rain again after my departure, so do prepare for possible rain. That being said, it was very warm. Bring casual, light clothing that you can go the beach in. Bring your swimsuit. I also found it was useful to have a sheer shawl with me that was light and breathable but helped keep the sun off me after I had gotten sunburned, and also helped to deter mosquitoes from eating me alive. You won’t need any fancy clothing unless you have a specific occasion in mind that will require it.


Definitely bring flip flops. You’ll most likely live in these. Great for the beach, the pool, or strolling around town. You won’t really need anything else unless you are planning certain activities. I brought some workout shoes (because I had wishful thinking about working out while I was there, which didn’t happen), and if you are going to any fancy occasions like a wedding, you might need fancier shoes. Otherwise the flip flops were good for all occasions for me.


Bring mosquito repellent! Other than that, you’ll need sunscreen and maybe some aloe or after sun care. I also brought allergy medicine which was a huge help for me.


It may rain, so you might want to bring an umbrella along with you.Other than that, anything you’ll want to do such as boogie board, swim goggles, GoPro, etc. If you’re flying in like me, you’ll want to skip the heavy gear like the boogie board and just rent if you want one, but if you’re driving there don’t forget your beach gear! Don’t forget your beach towel either, you’ll need that one!

Really, it’s pretty simple to pack for Florida in the springtime. Casual, cool clothes. Stuff for the beach and the water. That’s all you need!


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