Wanderlust Wednesday:Paris

I’ve got Paris on the brain lately. Although I did visit Paris in 2004, I never lost my wanderlust for the place. I am perpetually absolutely in love with the city of light. In fact, so in love with the French capital am I that I have decided it’s about time I visit again. 2018…Paris, here I come!

I’m definitely a Francophile in the textbook sense of the word. I love visiting France. I love French food, I love French culture, movies and fashion. I’ve even been on a personal mission to learn to speak French for a couple years now. It’s going well, by the way, but I haven’t become fluent…yet. (Side note, if you’re interested in picking up a little French yourself, here are some resources: French Lessons: Useful Phrases for the French Speaking World…although lately I’ve been using Rosetta Stone to challenge myself a little more).

Anyway, my love for Paris leaves me constantly dreaming of those beautiful Parisian streets as I imagine myself sipping un café au lait at a sidewalk cafe. That’s why today I’m going to indulge in my Francophile desires and devote this Wanderlust Wednesday to my favorite city: Paris, France. Special thanks to the following Instagrammers for fueling my Wanderlust…

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Grey February days 💚

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Taken from my magic carpet 🏄🏻‍♀️ #Paris

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Colourful streets 🍁 📷:@kardinalmelon

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  1. I went there for the first time 2 weeks ago! I have never been the type to swoon over Parisian culture or the Eiffel Tower, so I had little expectation of the city when visiting. I will say, it impressed me more than I thought it would. My one and only suggestion for anyone visiting Paris: take a dinner cruise. It was phenomenal! The best experience in the city in my opinion. 🙂

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    • It sounds so cliche, falling in love with Paris, but it’s honestly one of the most magical places I’ve ever been. I’m so glad you loved it! I’ll have to try the dinner cruise when I go next time. Last time I was there I was on much more of a budget than I plan to be this time, so this might be the time to do it!

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