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  1. Agree! Rental cars are expensive, especially in Europe. However as you say if only you want to visit the cities and better big ones. We never rent cars in Europe however right now we realized that if we want to see smth more…public transportation wont help. We actually ended up buying a car here in Spain to be able to explore things in our region of Andalucia and later on to go to a big European road trip. And i think we will be skipping the big cities this time 😀
    The same goes for USA, only big cities.


    • yeah it’s more economical to buy a car sometimes if you need to rent for a while! I know people sometimes do trips to Australia where they buy a cheap car, road trip, and then sell it before they leave. Definitely worthwhile if you’ll be traveling for a while.


  2. Personally I think Melbourne has one of the best public transport systems around. They have free travel within the CBD and the trams are really easy to use, going to pretty much every corner of the city.

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