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5 Great Off-Strip Places to Eat in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a food town, and to cover everything amazing to eat in Vegas, one would have to write a pretty thick novel of a dining guide (if somebody ever writes that guide, can somebody please send me a copy?)

However, I wanted to highlight five places in Vegas that I think are definitely worth checking out. I would also like to note that none of these are located on the strip, so you’ll have to venture out and explore new areas of the city to discover them. Trust me…it’s worth it.

Rollin Smoke Barbeque

If you’re like me and you like good, authentic barbecue, you’re not going to want to miss this place. As they say in the South, it’s finger lickin’ good. But seriously…your fingers are going to get messy with all the scrumptious barbecue sauce which you will, in fact, lick off your fingers. Sample delights such as St. Louis Pork Spareribs, Brisket, Burnt Ends, Hot Links, and Catfish with sides like Bacon Potato Salad, Chipotle Coleslaw, and the highly recommended Loaded Mash. Try their “Outlaw Burger” if you’re looking for an absolutely delicious food challenge (voted best in Vegas!). For $34.99, you can even get all-you-can-eat, if you’re feeling particularly hungry and adventurous. Personally, I was more full than I probably should have been on the 2 meats platter, which comes with your choice of a side. You can check out their menu, get directions, and see some pictures of their food

Skinny Fats

This place is one of my favorites. If it was located near my home and not all the way out in Las Vegas, I would probably eat there several times a week. It’s that good. As it stands, I end up stopping at Skinny Fats at least once every time I go to Vegas. The concept of their menu is that there are two sides to their menu; the “healthy” side, and the “happy” side. The healthy side of the menu features lightened up dishes and includes nutritional information for those who are watching what they are eating. The “happy” side, which accounts for the “fats” in “Skinny Fats” does not. Whichever side of the menu you decide to order from, however, you’re going to enjoy your meal. I’ve never had a bad meal here. Check them out at

Lotus of Siam

You may have heard of this place before, as it’s kind of famous. If you haven’t heard of it, allow me to introduce you to one of the most amazing Thai restaurants you’re ever going to eat at. They mainly feature Northern Thai cuisine, and they are absurdly popular. Chef Saipin Chutima, owner and head chef, has won both the James Beard Award for ‘Best Chef in the Southwest’, as well as has been featured in Gourmet Magazine (and many others) and by celebrity travel foodie Anthony Bourdain. Dinner reservations are highly recommended. I have tried to just “show up” at opening time for the dinner shift and did not get in because all the tables for the night were reserved. Even if you do manage to get yourself a table, wait times can be up to two hours long. Do yourself a favor: make a reservation. Check them out at

Studio B Buffet at the M

It wouldn’t be a list about food in Vegas if there wasn’t a buffet. There are a lot of great buffets in Las Vegas, and many of them are on the strip. However, if you’re feeling like venturing out, I recommend you check out the Studio B Buffet at the M. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays they have a truly awesome seafood buffet that includes sparkling wine and all the crab legs you can eat. Stop by, check it out, and eat all the delicious appetizers, entrees and out-of-this-world patisserie desserts your stomach can handle. If you’ll be driving back to California after your visit to Vegas, this is a great place to stop by on your way out since it’s right off the freeway on the way back West. Make sure to check out the crab legs station, where you, too can jockey for position with elderly ladies trying to pile their plates with as many crab legs as it will hold. It’s worth the struggle.


Korean-Mexican fusion. Need I say more? Komex is awesome! It’s a small, family-owned restaurant that at first glance doesn’t look like much, but delicious secrets lie inside. With very affordable prices and generous servings, why not give it a shot? If you haven’t had Korean-Mexican fusion food before, you’re missing out on one of the world’s great culinary mash-ups. Imagine things like bulgogi tacos, flautas with pork belly and kimchi, and a fusion tostada, which is a crispy rice “shell” topped with KoMex Slaw & Pico de Gallo Drizzled with Korean Hot Sauce. Yum!


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