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Places to host your blog images to save storage space.

Welcome back to another blog advice with Heather session. I’ve been writing posts on blog tips lately because I’ve been getting questions from people looking for advice and instead of answering all those questions individually, I like to just write up a post so more people with the same questions can benefit. Today we’re going to talk about storage space on your blog.

Depending on what hosting provider you’re using and what plan you’ve chosen, your storage space limits will vary. However, unless you’re paying the big bucks, you likely still have some sort of a limit. As somebody who loves using a lot of photos all over the place, this is certainly a concern of mine. However, there are a few things I do to help minimize the risk of running up against my storage limits. I love to embed photos from other sites.

Ok, so you can’t just go around embedding photos as you like. If it’s somebody else’s photo, you’ve got to consider the usage rights. I wrote a whole post about photo usage rights, so check that if you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about.

Today we’re going to talk about places to host your photos elsewhere on the web so you can embed them in your posts. I use WordPress for my blog, and the theme I use requires photos to be used for thumbnails to be actually hosted on WordPress, so I do have that restriction to think about, but as for photos within posts? I love to embed!


Did you know you can embed your Instagram photos by just putting the link to the photo in your post? It’s easy! Watch this:

Go to the page for the photo you want.


Then copy the link and paste it into your blog.

Here is the result:

Ta da! Couldn’t be easier.


You can host your images on Flickr to save yourself a little space in your blog. Then you can just copy the embed code from Flickr, paste into your blog, and you’re good to go.

Ta da!

Last day PNW

Where do you like to host your photos?


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