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When People Just Don’t Want to Hear About Your Travels…

I would NOT shut up about this trip. I know….

If you’re obsessed with travel like I am, chances are it takes up a large portion of your thoughts. We all tend to talk about the things we’re interested in, and since I spend a large portion of my free time and all of my spare income on travel, it can be said that I am most definitely interested in the topic.

That being said, not everybody is interested in hearing about travel. As a self-described travel nerd, I of course often have difficulty understanding why somebody wouldn’t want to hear about that amazing hike I did in Bryce Canyon, eating sushi in Japan, or the shark I saw while snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

I was so excited to tell people about this waterfall.

There are a few things that could be at play here.

They might be jealous.

When people haven’t been able to travel for one reason or another, I’ve often found they become jealous when I start talking about my travels. It may be that they simply can’t afford it, but often times they don’t understand the blood, sweat, and tears that went into me accomplishing my travel goals. The truth is, I make sacrifices that other people don’t make in order to travel. I’m extremely selective about when I will take a day off of work so I can save them up for travel instead, and when it comes to money, I save diligently and with discipline every single time I get paid, and I don’t dip into that savings for any reason other than to travel. A lot of people spend their money on luxuries like new shoes, new clothes, expensive car, etc. I don’t. All of that money goes towards traveling.

They just don’t understand.

This cat doesn’t understand.

Some people just don’t get why somebody would want to spend so much time, energy, and money on traveling. They might think it’s immature of you to spend your money on traveling when you could be doing more responsible things like buying a house. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to own a house, but given the choice between being able to own a house and being able to travel, I choose travel. Personally, I value life experiences over material things. It might be different for some people, but I want to look back on my life and think of all the things I got to enjoy.

Another thing I’ve encountered is people who are actually afraid to travel. I remember talking about travel with some friends at a party once and they mentioned they had never been to Europe. I told them that they need to go and that they would love it. I was met with blank stares about how scary they thought it was. But…we don’t speak the language. But…we don’t know how to get around. But…but….
…and we were only talking about Italy, which, for the record, I found to be an extremely easy country to get around in. When I told them we had nearly moved to Poland once, but the opportunity fell through, their eyes widened. We would be willing to actually move to Poland?!? Not only would I, but I was really disappointed that it didn’t work out. I’ll be keeping my eyes open to other opportunities to live abroad, though.

They are insecure.

Maybe they haven’t traveled as much as you have and they feel like you will look down on them because you’ve been to four continents and they have never left the Western United States. I would never look down on somebody for that, but some people are insecure about these things. When that happens, I try and assure them that someday they will get their chance and in the meantime, have they done anything fun lately? After all, California is pretty exciting to a lot of people so we’re all pretty lucky if we think about it.

So, next time somebody gives you that glazed over look when you start blabbing on about your latest adventure, just remember that they have their own things going on. If they are jealous, encourage them and maybe give them a few tips on how you did it on the cheap, if they are insecure, engage them in the conversation by asking them what fun things they like to do, and if they just don’t want to talk about travel, change the subject. 


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  1. One thing I find is that people just don’t understand why I like travelling so much. To some people, travelling abroad isn’t to experience new things but to just get in the sun and get a break from working life. Suppose it works two ways because I just as equally don’t understand how they wouldn’t love to roam new streets and hike new mountains!

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    • I definitely hear that! I really have a hard time understanding why people wouldn’t want to travel. I can see maybe why people might be afraid of the stress of navigating a very different culture (even though I think that’s fun), but there’s always traveling to an island and setting up with a good book on the beach. Some people just don’t want to travel, but I can’t put myself in their heads and understand why.

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  2. thanks for this post… On my 3rd round the world trip currently and I have soo much I want to share and discuss but very few I can do this with. It’s nice or at least doesn’t make me feel so awful that i’m not the only one who’s got too many stories to share and not enough ears that will listen. My whole life is about travel, it always has been really, I don’t know anything different. Great post, thank you.. I’m keen to read more on your site. Happy travels!

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  3. I think it’s because they don’t understand why. I often get “You must be rich” or “Your husband must be doing alright” or “You’re wasting your money” or worse, “You get everything for free.” I wish!

    They just don’t put into consideration, that something has to give, so we choose to save up, or not to have a car. I live in Germany so that’s a crime right there! Even though I wear nice dresses, I choose to buy them from Berlin’s equivalent of Harrods (London) in the SALE! Sounds of women fanning for air, and fainting in shock & horror!

    And the cherry on the cake, when people heard that we went to Thailand, and we didn’t even go to a single beach (‘cos I don’t really like beaches and find them awfully boring!) well, that was it! She’s mad! We said so!!!!

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