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I generally like to spend my free time scouring the internet for travel-related stories, websites, products, etc. I’m pretty intrigued with the following products, which I wanted to share with all of you.

The Travel Scarf from Speakeasy Travel Supply.

Some people like to hide their valuable items such as their passport and some cash when they travel, and until recently a lot of people have had to rely on those bulky, lumpy money belts or those neck pouch things. Sure, they keep pickpockets out, but they really aren’t all that attractive. What is the fashion-minded traveler who wants to protect her valuables to do? Enter the travel scarf. These brilliantly stylish scarfs feature a pocket where one can hide things such as a passport, cash, etc. I don’t personally tend to stash my valuables anywhere crazy when I travel, but even I find myself wanting to buy one of these babies.

The Baubax Travel Jacket

I want one of these. I’ve wanted one since the moment I heard it existed. What started as a crowdfunded project ended up raising over 11.5 million dollars and bringing a new travel product to the market. This jacket is made for traveling and comes equipped with an inflatable neck pillow, an eye mask a drink pocket, earphone holders, a phone pocket, a pen/stylus zipper, built in gloves, a blanket pocket, a tablet pocket, a sunglasses pocket, a microfiber cloth for cleaning glasses and sunglasses, a passport pocket, and some pretty nice fabrics and styles. Seriously? I want one. Why am I writing this blog post instead of purchasing this jacket online right now?

This Giant Wet Wipe from Epic Wipes

I’ll admit…I laughed when I saw this, but then I thought, hmmmm. That’s genius. Have you ever been on a camping trip or a surf trip where you might just need to clean yourself but maybe a shower isn’t in the cards? I have, and quite honestly, I would have loved one of these in that situation. It’s pretty hilarious, but when you get over some of the truly amusing photos on the Epic Wipes Instagram feed, you start to realize that this is the product you never knew you wanted.

Have you discovered any interesting travel products to make our lives easier (or more amusing)? Please do share the love!


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    • hahaha definitely true! I think it would be good for a bit of money definitely, and although maybe a bit annoying, the scarf might be good in situations where you’re feeling like you need your belongings to be secure. I wouldn’t keep it in there all the time but in certain areas where there are a lot of pickpockets, etc. I think it might be a good thing 🙂

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