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Schilling Cider House: A Seattle Gem

I’m really fortunate to know people all over the United States and all over the world, for that matter, who have consistently made my travel experiences more wonderful by taking the time to hang out with me while I’m in town and to show me the little local gems that average tourists might not know about. My Seattle adventure was no exception.

I arrived in town and attended an event at Schilling Cider House, where my college roommate just so happens to work and had invited me, knowing I would be in town at the time. I didn’t know much about the place before the trip except that she worked there and that it was a cider place, but I do LOVE cider so I was pretty excited about it.

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Cider Luau!

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If you’re like me and you can’t eat gluten, that also means drinking beer is off the menu. I know, it sucks. They do make gluten free beer, but let’s face it….gluten free beer sucks. Don’t cry me a river just yet though, because cider is ON the menu. Rejoice!

So anyway, I arrived at Schilling Cider House excited to see my friend but otherwise not knowing what to expect and I was met with a warm embrace and one of the most awesome little places I’ve had the privilege of spending time at.

If you’re a fan of cider or would like to try it out, you really should check this place out next time you’re in Seattle (I also hear they are opening a Portland, Oregon location).

They have a rotating variety of really interesting ciders, so every time you visit you will have the opportunity to try new things, and the variety is quite large, so there’s something for every taste. They also do cider classes and special events at the cider house, so it’s really a fun place to hang out, try something new, and have a unique experience.

On the particular summer evening I visited, they had received a variety of tropical flavored ciders and were throwing a cider luau party to celebrate. I was greeted with a lei, a festive vibe, and a flight of various ciders in flavors like pineapple as well as more traditional ciders.

Their Seattle location is located in the oh-so-trendy Fremont area of town, near the Google offices. It’s a great area to spend the day roaming around, trying out restaurants and taking in the sights. There’s a beautiful park called Gas Works Park nearby with amazing views of the Seattle skyline. Fremont also features a bohemian vibe, with art everywhere and lots of little shops, galleries, cafes, and bars, so it’s quite a lovely place to hang out and really should be on your Seattle itinerary. Capping the night off at Schilling Cider House is an awesomely relaxing (and delicious) way to end the evening on a high note.

Here are a couple photos from Fremont…

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This crazy building. #travel #seattle

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They have a pretty active and entertaining Facebook presence in addition to their website, so definitely check them out!




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