London is Always a Good Idea: Travel Bloggers Weigh in on Their Love for the British Capital.

In the wake of recent events in London, I’ve heard a lot of people talking about being worried about traveling to London. I’m on several travel-related groups on Facebook and several people have brought up the, “should I cancel my trip to London?” discussion.

Since it was only days ago that I wrote, Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Traveling, which I highly encourage you to read if you’re having these sorts of nervous feelings, I won’t repeat myself too much. Seriously, though…read the post if you’re feeling like you shouldn’t travel because of terrorist attacks.


No. This post is about London, one of my favorite cities in the entire world. You see, I fell deeply, madly in love with London from the first time I set foot there and my love for that wonderful city has only deepened over time. I wanted to put together this compilation of posts about London from both myself and other bloggers out there, because if you’re feeling like you might want to skip your next London adventure, I would like to convince you otherwise.

A Selection of Wonderful London Posts:

The thing is, London is amazing. It’s a big, beautiful, bustling, cosmopolitan wonderland. It’s both old and new. It’s full of history while at the same time being cutting edge and so now. London is both classy and timeless while at the same time being innovative and surprising. You need to see it. You need to experience this amazing city. Don’t let fear stop you.


Have you written a post about the wonders of London? Let’s add to this list! Let me know in the comments! Have anything else to say about this wonderful city? Let’s convince all those people who are on the fence that not only can they visit London, but that they should.


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  1. You’re right people should absolutely not be afraid to travel to London! The attacks are heartbreaking but we cannot let them win! I also recently made a post about it: … as my nations capital, London is one of my favourite cities which I’ve explored every inch off! I made a guide to Westminster you could add to the list! Thanks for bringing people together 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the inclusion! I am gearing up for my 5th visit to London in 7 years.. if anything, these things make me want to go more because I want to prove to everyone that London is still a great place to visit despite these random attacks. Like I said in my post, if I let fear guide me I would never go back to my hometown of Christchurch, which suffered over 11,000 earthquakes in the couple years after Sept 2010. Nothing would stop me from going home & I feel like London is my 2nd home, so nothing is gonna stop me from going there too 😊

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  3. ‘Nice one Heather. I love your post. Thanks for putting me on your list. That’s the spirit. 😀 We’re all rooting for Manchester and London. It’s a triple bummer for me because I’m from Manchester originally, I used to live in London, and now I live in Berlin. And all of these cities have been targets of terrorism. It’s just so sad, but we have to keep our heads up high, don’t let them install a sense of fear, and get on with things!

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  4. Me too. It’s getting ridiculous. I can’t imagine what point the terrorists are trying to make as it isn’t working. We’re not weeping and gnashing our teeth. If anything, we’re taking it all with a pinch of salt. Sort of. 😉

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    • I often wonder that myself. What do they hope to accomplish? Do they just want to cause chaos or is there some specific goal they have in mind? Either way, it’s certainly not working and it certainly won’t stop me (or my lovely parents…they will be touring Christmas markets around Germany later this year 🙂 …it runs in t he family.)


    • hahaha! I certainly found the tube at rush hour to be a little terrifying (must watch out for running business people…don’t want to get trampled by harried commuters!). Then again, I’m from L.A. so nothing really shocks me any more 🙂

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  5. Thank you for the link love, Heather, I feel honoured to be part of that list! – As it happened, I just returned from London the day before the London Bridge attack. Unlike Manchester (which really made me feel very depressed because it targeted very young people), this latest attack has got my defiance up. I refuse to be afraid, and I absolutely cannot wait to go back to London. I will definitely be there again in September, and as always, I am looking forward to experiencing that wonderful, unique and amazing city.

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    • Absolutely! Although I’m not British, I felt the same way. Manchester was such a sad affair, but the attack in London feels different. I need to plan my next trip to London just to show them that I’m not afraid!

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  6. I’m heading back to London next week, and can’t wait to be back in a city that holds so many fond memories. I completely agree that we cannot let fear prevail.

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  7. I agree with you. There is a certain amount of risk in everything we do and in every place we go. Even in flying over a big ocean to get there. We can’t let that fear stop us from seeing and enjoying all this amazing world has to offer. We just have to be sensible and vigilant and let God handle the rest. 🙂

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