Top 10 Cycling Destinations

Today’s post is brought to you by Mike from, a blog for cyclists that includes everything from information on gear, training tips, information on bikes, and of course, traveling as a cyclist. It’s a great blog and it definitely makes me want to dust off my neglected road bike and hit the road, so if you’re interested in cycling you should definitely check it out! Today’s post is a list of Mike’s top ten cycling destinations around the world. Read on for more!

I love cycling. It’s not only a fun activity to engage in with family and friends, but it’s also healthy. Like many people who are interested in biking, I love researching and visiting destinations where I can enjoy my two favorite activities: cycling and sightseeing!

Here is a roundup of ten cycling destinations that I would recommend for any cycling enthusiast.

Cycling 1

1) Mallorca, Spain

You’ll feel the allure of Mallorca the moment you get there. Whether you like biking in deserted roads, vigorous climbs, or curlicue descents, the city has it all. Mallorca is the perfect destination for any biker.

The training camp for European cyclists is ideal for professional cyclers, and the routes cover interesting sites as well. The East Tramuntana route is especially exciting!

2) Vancouver, Canada

There’s lots to do in Vancouver and cycling through the city is fun. You can choose to visit at any time as Vancouver has moderate climate all year round.

The mountainous national parks and Fraser River are sites to behold. The city has dedicated some lanes to bikers, making it easier to navigate.

The terrain includes steep hills and traffic. The city is stunning, to say the least. Touring it is the perfect way to clear a busy mind while discovering a new city.

Cycling 2

3) Bordeaux, France

There are many great places to cycle in France, but Bordeaux city is well planned, modern, and classic. Biking in the city is a delight. You will enjoy enchanting sites and taking meals at impressive restaurants, perfect for the rider that enjoys a little more luxury on their travels. The cycling is guaranteed to be calm and enjoyable. In addition, the city has essentials for cyclists including good quality accommodations and a variety of routes to cater for all kind of cyclists.

4) San Francisco, USA

San Francisco’s bohemian past and unforgettable design would make anyone not just want to bike through it, but live in the city as well!

Its small and ascending streets are quite easy to cycle through while enjoying breathtaking views. The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Marin’s hills are the spots that bikers are likely to see when visiting the city.

Cycling 3

5) Sonoma and Napa, California

The stores at Sonoma and Napa are beautiful. During bike ride breaks, you can sample some tasty local food and the culture. The town has lots of charm, and is full of character, a dream for any biker. Seeing all those beautiful sites will keep anyone motivated.

What’s the point of riding in a boring locale while there’s an opportunity to bike at such a beautiful destination as Sonoma and Napa?

6) Stockholm, Sweden

Cycling through Stockholm city offers an unforgettable experience to tourists. The city has lots of green spaces and several bridges to enjoy cycling on.

Many cyclists who’ve been to Stockholm rave about their enjoyable tour through Ecopark. The park consists of ancient forests where bikers get to see mink and deer while cycling.

Cycling 4

7) Myanmar (formerly known as Burma)

Myanmar has some of the best cycling routes in the world! Anyone would be lucky to visit Myanmar, let alone cycle through the beautiful country. Bikers could ride though several routes from the Indian Ocean to Himalayas, sleeping out under the stars along the way.

There’s ample opportunity to experience the rich culture which is influenced by neighboring countries such as Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Laos, and China. It’s also the most cost effective place on our list to cycle, which is great for those that are on a bit more of a budget.

In addition, a biking tour west to Kalaw is mind blowing. There are mesmerizing Buddha statues and incredible rock formations. This is why the destination has a growing reputation among cyclers all over the world.

8) Charleston, South Carolina

Residents of Charleston appreciate the biking culture. Some companies host cycling tours and others lend tourists beach cruisers. Biking will allow you to see the city better, especially when you are using routes that show off barrier islands, greenways, and plantations.

Cycling 5

9) La Route Verte, Canada

Although Canada is an enormous country, it’s not intimidating to cycle through. Cycling through La Route Verte will make the route, which is over 2,485 miles, seem shorter. The signages are convenient as they will keep you on track. Even if the beautiful sites are a distraction, getting lost is impossible.

10) Traverse City, Michigan

All bikers should visit Transverse in August for the Coast Bicycle Festival. The Traverse Bay Inn is the perfect place to stay as it has several bikes for tourists, and is located on a 1.5 mile traverse area.

There are plenty of beautiful sites to see including historic homes and panoramic views. Bikers could also rent a high-end bike in one of the several places that has them. It is a cycler’s dream come true.

Cycling 6


Biking is a good way to see any destination. Since cycling is faster than walking but slower than driving, bikers don’t miss a thing or get bored. Knowing that there’s always an attractive destination to cycle through will keep you motivated. All you need to do is save up and get to it.

There’s a huge world waiting to be discovered.

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  1. I grew up in the Bay Area and biked the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time last year. It was a truly unique way to see the city. I also did a bike tour in Myanmar (Inle Lake) and it turned out to be one of my favorite days of the trip – even though my but was sooooo sore after. Now I gotta try some of these other locations!

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  2. Not much a a cyclist myself (had a bad fall as a kid and never really got over it haha) But have to agree that all these places are breath-taking! I did however recently cycle round Gili T (a small Island in Bali) which was a pretty Awesome experience 🙂

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